Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have wanted to write a post for so long.... I feel so lost as to where to start. But I really want to get back into the habit of posting regularly because it is how I keep up with all the little fun things that happen with our family. So I'm jumping back in and hoping to get back into the groove of things.

We have done so many fun things this Summer and stayed so busy but it has been our best Summer ever! We spent two weeks at Pappy's house, a week with Whit at her house, went shopping in Branson for Fall clothes, another week at Pappy's, family reunion, preschool (at home), started playing our first organized sport (soccer), playdates, time with cousins swimming on Sunday afternoons, hanging out with Nana on the front porch, and so much more! I feel like I need to pick just one to share today, only I have no idea how to pick one.

Let's start with Preschool.

I decided, after doing some research on preschools and how much they cost and so on, that I would do preschool at home with my girls. My main goal is to get Peyton ready for Kindergarten (next year) and give the girls some structure and focus in their day.

I created us a daily schedule and we try our best to stick with it. The girls do 4-5 worksheets a day along with lessons and flashcard reinforcement. We play educational games, do puzzles, do arts and crafts, practice important skills like cutting and coloring inside the lines. They are learning to follow rules and hopefully they are learning how to behave in a classroom. Thankfully we have nearly a year until real school actually starts for Peyton.... I am pretty sure we will need every minute of it.

It has been really fun for me. I have something to organize and it not only gives the girls some focus for their days, but me too. We still manage to play and have lots of fun and I will say that I have seen some real learning happen over the last month!

In this process where I found myself becoming a "teacher" I have stumbled onto some really great blogs and websites. I have seen some really creative things and it has sparked some creativity in me that hasn't been let out in a while.

Now if I could just find a good place for us to do our school work and keep all of our school supplies, things would be just about perfect. Right now, our kitchen table has been taken over by workbooks, folders, crayons, paints, pencils, and countless other things we use each day. I have a grand plan in my mind for our school space.... but I have a feeling it may just stay in my mind. We will see!

I PROMISE I will try to post more often. In fact, I plan on putting post ideas into my daily planner so that I have no reason not to sit down for a few minutes and record my thoughts and the little things about our days.

I will be back!