Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hey all. This is going to be quick as I have a lot of packing/cleaning up to do before we leave this afternoon. I'm taking the girls for a weekend away with Mimi and Nanny - Branson here we come! We are leaving Daddy home :( but he wouldn't enjoy a girly weekend anyway! We love him for letting us have this special girl bonding time!

Anyway... I heard about this GREAT giveaway that you MUST check out!

Seriously, it is wonderful. As a mom of 2 little girls with another baby on the way, I can appreciate each and every item listed and would love to have them all! I've only won one bloggy giveaway but I'm hoping to make this my second! :) Check out Natalie's blog and check out this great giveaway!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Wish me luck with my girls (one of which has been a lot to deal with lately) and our weekend adventure.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Don't Wednesday

Jenna’s Journey Blog

I thought I would join in on the I Don't Wednesday on Jenna's Blog. I've been reading her blog for a while now but never joined in with anything... however, today is perfect. I've been having a rough week which has provided no good blogging inspiration (I'm not good at laying all my issues out for everyone to read/see so I'm working on a better day today and hopefully some good posts asap!). Anyway, without keeping you in any further suspense, here is my list!

  • I don't paint my toenails as often as I should and I never paint my fingernails.
  • I don't make my bed everyday or my kids' beds - and I know my mother and grandmother are very disappointed in me for this!
  • I don't like doing things without a plan - I always have a plan... for everything.... even just going to the grocery store! Drives my husband CRAZY!
  • I don't play sports.... any sports.... AT ALL!
  • I don't read as much as I would like... I have a stack of books on my dresser that I'm dying to get to in my spare time - ha! Maybe someday soon....
Ok that's good for now. Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.... we are sure trying to! Oh, and if it comes to your mind... say a prayer for my sweet friend A who is going through a very difficult time right now. I don't want to go into details but God knows her situation and she really needs to be lifted in prayer.

Friday, July 24, 2009

This week...

I thought I'd post a little pregnancy post today. It has been a while since I've blogged about this pregnancy. Today I'm 11 weeks! Woo hoo! The baby is about the size of a fig or 1 1/2 inches from head to bootie :)

I haven't been feeling that bad other than the cold I had really knocked me down. Now that I'm past that, I'm doing great. I am hungry every couple of hours but not really ever thirsty. I have to make myself drink water and juice and stuff. I haven't been craving much... although I have been eating a lot of fruit and cereal.

Weight gain.... not so much. I've actually lost between 8-10 pounds. Not sure why other than maybe because I didn't eat too much while I was sick last week. I don't have a belly picture because there isn't much to see. Maybe over the next couple of weeks I'll gain some weight back and the belly will start to pop. We'll see! I've actually been laughing because I'm within a couple of pounds of what I weighed before I got pregnant with my first child. I have been losing weight since I quit breastfeeding my second baby but still had a ways to go before I lost ALL of my baby weight... and it took me getting pregnant again to get to my goal?!?! HA!

Anyway, all is good on the pregnancy front. The girls are keeping me busy so I don't have a lot of time to think about not feeling well or being tired. We have a full weekend planned and I'm looking forward to it. Big Sis is going camping with her Mimi. This is a first and I'm sure she will love it! We have a full day tomorrow and Sunday and I'm looking forward to some one-on-one time with my baby girl.... and with the Husband! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Come on Mom...

I'm sure this is what went through my little Doll's head all day today! We had her one-year checkup today which is always a fun time! Her appointment was at 10:30 this morning. She goes down for a morning nap around 8:30 or 9:00 and usually sleeps until 10:00 or 10:30. Well not today. I had to wake her up from her slumber. Aww come on Mom! Side note: I love to wake her up because she is so snuggly (she's a pretty snuggly little girl all the time, but especially when she is sleepy!) but I hate to wake her from a good sleep. My girl likes her sleep! This is what I found when I went to wake her up this morning....

She has this little snuggly blanket that is hot pink minky-like on one side and zebra satin-like on the other. SHE LOVES IT! Seriously, if she happens to see it laying on the floor, she will stop what she is doing and go over to it and lay her head down on it. I think it is absolutely precious! When she goes to sleep she rubs it on her face... so cute. So this is how she was napping today.... with the blankie over her eyes. Ahhh is there anything cuter? I guess it was too light in her room! :)

So I got her up, got her dressed and the girls and I headed out. We dropped Big Sis off at Nana's. She was so very excited to spend the morning with her Nana! And Little Sis and I headed to the Doc... Surprisingly, we didn't have to wait long and were only at the office for a little less than an hour - I'm amazed!

We did weight check (21 pounds) and height (31 1/2 inches). How does that translate? Tall and skinny! She is 50th percentile for weight and off the chart for height (well over 95th percentile which is above the lines on the chart). Anyway... Daddy is pretty excited because he thinks at least one of our girls will play in the WNBA - we shall see! :) If my kids are anything like me they will be Mathletes rather than Athletes!

Everything looked good and Dr. W was so proud of her. They just laughed and talked together... it was a good visit.... until the dreaded shots. YIKES! 4 shots today which means two in each thigh. Aww come on mom! Owie! She did not appreciate that and cried so very hard. But Mommy came prepared with a juice cup, a passy and the beloved blankie!

After we were done we headed to pick up Big Sis... Nana invited us to stay for lunch and we did. She had made my favorite - Chicken and Dumplins.... ahh thank you Nana! We had a good visit. Now we are home and napping. It has been a busy morning but a good one! I really love days like these!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wedding....

So I'm finally getting around to sharing pictures I've snagged of my sister's wedding in June. It was a beautiful wedding.... seriously, it turned out great. It was A LOT of work, but she was happy so it was worth it.

Sis picked a beautiful location for her outdoor wedding. A family friend's house just outside of our hometown. It was the perfect spot. Completely isolated from everything but the river, a private lake and nature. We saw much wildlife over the wedding weekend - makes me appreciate the beautiful state we live in! The girls and I spent the 3 weeks before the wedding with Sis getting things ready and finalized. It was a lot of fun!

All of the wedding party was from out of town so they all decided to make a long weekend out of the wedding. Thus, everyone started arriving on Thursday. Sis had that day all planned! My girls stayed with their Mimi and we took Dad's boat out with the few people who were in town by early afternoon. That evening we had a cookout with the rest of the guys and gals who had made it. Dad made delicious food (like always) and we had a great time visiting and hanging out on the deck.Sis, Me and a lifelong friend!

Friday was a full day for me but Sis and the wedding party spent the day on the lake and hanging out before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
The guys jumping off the bluffs.... I think they had a great time!

It rained pretty hard Friday night, but many prayers were sent up and Saturday turned out wonderful.... hot, but no rain! We all met up at the house for lunch/snacks. My girls stayed with the Hubs so I had a total girly afternoon! Sis got us all matching jacket/shirt things that she wanted us to wear on Saturday. We were pretty cute!

That's me on the left... don't worry, I fixed my hair before the ceremony and put makeup on!

Pictures were scheduled for 4:00 that afternoon with the wedding starting at 7:00. So all the family started showing up around 4:00.... then things got CRAZY!! A lot of kids, but everyone was good and things went well.

My little flower girl.... she loved showing off her dress. :)

The bridal party.... we were all getting tired of smiling by this time!

The happy couple... all married and such!

The food table - it was all gone by the time I got around to getting a plate :(

The Candy Bar - a big hit with the kids (and the adults!)... also gone by the time I got around to it!
The cake table... isn't that table just gorgeous! My sister likes all things fancy... can you tell?! :)
Fountain in front of the house.... stunning. Thankfully my dad didn't get electrocuted while helping install the fountain.... that's another story for another time.
The happy couple leaving... the driveway was lined with sparklers - so cute!
This is the super cool car that they left in... complete with chauffeur!

All in all, it was a great wedding! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time (especially the guys driving the van from the ceremony site to the parking site - they had air conditioning!). Sister was a beautiful bride - absolutely perfect! The music was wonderful - one of the bridesmaids sang "Love is Not a Fight" from Fireproof. It was beautiful and my sister cried from the first note till the last note. It was a great beginning to hopefully a great marriage!

Don't weddings make you want to marry your spouse all over again?!?! Maybe it's just me....

****I borrowed these pictures from a few people who were at the wedding. I hope you all don't mind! I didn't take my camera - I wouldn't have had a chance to take many pictures anyway. Thanks to everyone who did take pictures though!****

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can I try this again??

Today started off just fine. Woke up... fed the girls breakfast... the roof guy came to check out the hail damage (really nice guy!)... sent Hubs off to work... then it started. My kids went crazy. I mean they were misbehaving and disobeying and doing things they know not to do. IT LASTED ALL DAY! And I have to admit, I let it get to me today. I try not to do that, but I've just been too tired lately and my mind isn't where it should be. Naptime was very short and it was just a rough day.

Don't get me wrong... I am in no way complaining about my children. I know that kids aren't perfect all the time. I know that Moms aren't either! I love my kids more than I could ever express and they mean the world to me. But they are human too, and we ALL have bad days from time to time. Even though it was a hard day, I took every chance I got to snuggle up and love on my girls. We laughed and played. But at the end of a day like this it is the struggles that stand out. I did feel God's mercy many times today! And I will go to bed tonight knowing that I will be better tomorrow. We will be better tomorrow!

We've also got some things going on that we are trying to figure out and stay positive through. So I've been praying and thinking and planning... just trying to make things the best they can be! I somehow managed to get the dishes done today and make dinner, although thinking about it now I have no idea how I did that!

On a positive note, I'm starting to feel better (YAY!). I also started a little project for myself... maybe it will be something I finish, maybe not. As I was praying with the girls tonight we took some time to pray that we will have a better day tomorrow.... I sure hope so. I think we could all use a good day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sick, sick, sick....

So I realize I haven't posted in about a week. I've been so sick with some sort of cold thing that has just zapped all of my energy. It started last week on Tuesday night and has been up and down since then. I've had it all... the fever, the sore throat, the headaches... you name it! So needless to say, I haven't been feeling well lately. I'm still not feeling normal.

Then last week some things happened that required my husband to be at work a little more. That left Momma home with 2 wild children and a nasty cold and a pregnancy.... so I was more than happy when my dad said he was coming to town Thursday and we could come back home with him. And that is exactly what we did.

We had a relaxing weekend on the lake with Pappy. I, of course, didn't take any pictures because it was all I could do to keep up with both of my girls and my husband all weekend. The girls love the lake... we did a lot of swimming and a lot of snacking. My Crazy 2-year-old will tell you, when you ask her what she does on Pappy's boat, "swim in the water and eat chips and drink capri suns".

Pappy fed us powdered donuts for breakfast (which was a big hit with the girls!) and cooked some of our favorite meals and took us to some of our favorite restaurants. It would take a couple of weeks to go to all of our favorite restaurants in Mountain Home and for Pappy to cook all of our favorite foods, but we had a nice sampling this weekend.

Saturday we were discussing lunch options and I said I would like to go eat at my favorite BBQ place. The hubby decided he wanted to vote for his favorite burger place (which I also love). I won, of course, but I was so glad that my sweet husband has some favorite places of his own in my hometown.... He's almost a local! :)

We got back pretty late last night so today the girls and I are just relaxing and catching up on laundry and a few other things around here. I realize that this post is beyond boring.... I'm just too drained to be cute or creative or intelligent. :) Maybe next time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Great start to the day....

While at the grocery store yesterday I saw a package of powdered donuts. So I grabbed them thinking I wouldn't mind snacking on them occasionally.... then my 2-year-old saw them in the buggy. I told her we would have them for breakfast today.

She woke up extra early this morning (I'm sure she had been dreaming of donuts all night and couldn't stand it anymore!) and as I opened her door she gave me a huge smile and said "donuts!"

So we got little sister, got fresh diapers and headed into the kitchen for a breakfast that was as exciting to my children as candy! I guess powdered donuts are possibly closer to candy than a healthy breakfast, but I believe "less-than-healthy" meals are ok every now and then and are good for the soul.

So I handed out a napkin and the donuts.... It was little sissy's first time to eat powdered donuts so I decided to grab the camera. If I haven't mentioned it before, my little baby loves to eat... anything and everything. She has never refused any food.......... and donuts were no different. She went to town on those little white donuts.

Here is a glimpse at our breakfast...

Big sissy posed with her donut.... and her sleepy eyes. :)

Little sissy..... is there anything cuter than a powdered donut grin?

This was a great start to our day! Hope you all are having a great day as well :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh My Word...

That is what my lovely daughter would say. (That's her favorite phrase, by the way). I went to the doctor today.... and the appointment took 3 hours! Seriously.... 3 hours. I knew I would be there for a while, but really???? 3 hours???!!! Oh my word!

Other than that, everything went great! I got there and filled out the remaining paperwork (my husband made so much fun of me because I asked him probably 5 questions on one page... including one about my last period! HA!). After a while we went back for the ultrasound. It was great.... we saw our little peanut (you know there is a reason they call them that.... they look EXACTLY like a nut!). Heartbeat was great, although I can't remember what it was now. :) I'll have to ask the hubby when he gets home. We saw the little one wiggling some which was precious. Baby measured perfectly - 8 weeks 6 days. And there is only one in there (whew!).... I had been so worried I was having twins.... I'm not!

Then I waited..... waited.... oh and waited some more. Husband went back to work and then they finally called me back for bloodwork. Five vials of blood and a sugar cookie later I was back in the waiting room waiting on the nurse to come get me to go see the doctor.

I LOVE my nurse. She is so great! We chatted and laughed... I peed in a cup, she took my bp (good), then she sent me to the room to get halfway undressed..... I was so hoping I could get out of it since I was just there in February, but no such luck!

The doctor came in and we had a good chat about this pregnancy.... we both agree that a c-section is the right plan this time. She explained some of the possible complications if I were to go the other way and while they are maybe not statistically very likely, they are very serious for both me and baby. So we decided c-section and if I don't go into labor early (which I probably will) she will schedule it for 7-10 days before the due date which is FEBRUARY 12, 2010.

Next appointment is 4 weeks.... and that about sums it up.

Different note: We are having serious potty training success! This is one proud Mommy!!! I really think that my girl just needed to be the one to make the potty decision instead of me pushing her. She's doing great and I love it!

And have I told you how much my little Doll loves food! I made spaghetti tonight and I had spooned it onto our plates and set them on the table to cool.... well the Doll saw the food and started screaming. I mean serious crying. The girl loves food and hates to see it but not be able to gobble it up. She actually eats better than her big sister.... it amazes me every day!

Sorry I don't have any pictures - we did get an ultrasound picture but our scanner is all kinds of crazy so I didn't even try to mess with that. Maybe I'll scan it someday. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a little note....

We are officially the most boring family EVER! The girls and I haven't done anything this week. We have stayed home, watched some movies, cooked dinners, cleaned rooms, done laundry, done dishes and much, much more! While this is what we "do", it is really nothing worth blogging about. :)

I will brag on my Crazy girl.... she has used her potty more this week than she has since we came home from my dad's. YAY!!!!!

And tomorrow is an exciting day for me and the hubby.... we have our first doctor's appointment! I love/hate the first appointment. I love LOVE the ultrasound.... such a special time. But I truly HATE the bloodwork. I always have. I also hate the paperwork. My sweetie always makes fun of me saying that I overthink all of the questions.... it feels like it takes me FOREVER to fill the paperwork out. Regardless, I'm very excited to go tomorrow and am praying that all looks well.

Perhaps the last half of this week will be more exciting than the first half and I'll have much more to blog about in the next few days. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthday Party!

I know, this is late.... but I finally got the party pictures on my computer. YAY! I don't have a lot because I was busy being Mom and making sure everything was taken care of, but I did manage to get a few.

We had a celebration with Mimi and Nanny the weekend before her birthday. Little Doll LOVED some cake! Seriously, this child has never refused any food that I have offered her. She likes it all!

Nanny made her a special cake... just for her. And she ate it up! By the time we took the cake away from her (well I took the cake away from her, Mimi and Nanny would have let her eat the whole thing!) there was chocolate frosting ALL OVER HER FACE! It was hilarious! The picture must be on Mimi's camera because I didn't take it. :)

We had a celebration with Pappy over that weekend too, but that was TOO crazy and even if I had brought my camera I wouldn't have had a chance to take any pictures. Anyway.... we have the memories!

Then last Thursday we had a little party at our house for the family here. I love a party theme.... but this party was right in the middle of a bunch of craziness for us, so I decided simple was best. I had these cute napkins with coordinating plates and a banner. So I decided to make cupcakes (easy with little cleanup) and decorate them to match (pink and green). We ordered pizzas and I made some homemade ice cream to go with the cupcakes.

Little Doll loved the party and opening the presents.... Daddy helped her and it was very special.

She got very excited over everything! It was wonderful! Then she got to eat her cupcake....

Of course she loved it! And it didn't take long before she figured out that she could pick the whole thing up.... food and a toy! :)

She ate nearly all of this cupcake and it was so much fun. The party was great - we had a great time. These pictures don't even begin to show how much joy we felt in sharing such a special time with our baby girl. Even the Crazy Girl had a blast! She woke up the morning after the party at our house asking for "Party again?!" It was great!

I love being a mom and I am so thankful to get to share in such special times with my children. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Buffet...

There have been so many things going on with us right now, consider this a buffet-style post... with a little bit of everything.

First, I've been asked about my family reunion last weekend. Here's the recap: We had a great time. My dad comes from a HUGE family (he is one of 12 children). We all get together every summer to celebrate the miracle that is our family. And the miracle that none of us have killed each other :) I kid.... really, we all get along great. We headed to Newport, AR for the weekend. Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Railroad Depot (which has been turned into a hall you can rent). We set up for lunch and got ready to pig out.

All of my dad's brothers and sisters are responsible for bringing food (and my Mamaw raised her some GOOD cooks!). People started filing in and the buffet table started filling up. Had you been there about 11am Saturday you would have noticed a large empty space at the beginning of the table. This is what I like to think of as the most special place. It is reserved for a giant pot (I'm talking bigger than any pot you've seen) of my Mamaw's chicken and dumplins. Seriously, it is perhaps the most delicious food I've ever eaten. So I staked out my spot to "visit" with people. I just happened to choose a spot right by the table (hoping to be first in the line for the food). It worked! We prayed.... and I grabbed a plate. The food was great, as usual! And we had a great time with family.

Funny story - My dad has always been my Mamaw's favorite (I don't know if she would come right out and say that, but she may!). She once told me that she always felt sorry for my dad because he was always smaller than the rest of the kids. In fact, he got his little brother's hand-me-downs. He's not so small now though. So when Mamaw walked in to the Depot for lunch this year, she had a container of dumplins in her hand. Not paying much attention, I went about my lunch. When I went to sit by my dad after I had eaten, I noticed the container by him... empty. My Mamaw had set aside a special container of dumplins for my dad! Spoiled?? Ha! I loved it!

Anyway, we had a great weekend with swimming, good food, old fashioned church and great family! We also had a birthday celebration for my Little Doll with my mom on Friday night and my dad Saturday afternoon. It was great! She's a very blessed baby girl to have so much family that loves her!!!

Ok.... moving on. What is with the dang flies? I kill them all day and they are still buzzing me constantly! I'm about to go insane!

And is it sad that I'm thinking of making my homemade ice cream right now and pigging out before the birthday party tonight? I mean, I could leave a little for everyone else, right? :)

My S-I-L found out this week that she's having a baby girl!! YAY!!! Love me some baby girls! :)

I've been sitting here without typing for a few minutes and I cannot think of the other things I was going to include in my list of thoughts today. I will try to post some pictures of the party and such tomorrow :) That is assuming the computer decides to cooperate with me.

Oh, one more thing..... My baby girl took her first steps yesterday!!! YAY!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!