Thursday, July 23, 2009

Come on Mom...

I'm sure this is what went through my little Doll's head all day today! We had her one-year checkup today which is always a fun time! Her appointment was at 10:30 this morning. She goes down for a morning nap around 8:30 or 9:00 and usually sleeps until 10:00 or 10:30. Well not today. I had to wake her up from her slumber. Aww come on Mom! Side note: I love to wake her up because she is so snuggly (she's a pretty snuggly little girl all the time, but especially when she is sleepy!) but I hate to wake her from a good sleep. My girl likes her sleep! This is what I found when I went to wake her up this morning....

She has this little snuggly blanket that is hot pink minky-like on one side and zebra satin-like on the other. SHE LOVES IT! Seriously, if she happens to see it laying on the floor, she will stop what she is doing and go over to it and lay her head down on it. I think it is absolutely precious! When she goes to sleep she rubs it on her face... so cute. So this is how she was napping today.... with the blankie over her eyes. Ahhh is there anything cuter? I guess it was too light in her room! :)

So I got her up, got her dressed and the girls and I headed out. We dropped Big Sis off at Nana's. She was so very excited to spend the morning with her Nana! And Little Sis and I headed to the Doc... Surprisingly, we didn't have to wait long and were only at the office for a little less than an hour - I'm amazed!

We did weight check (21 pounds) and height (31 1/2 inches). How does that translate? Tall and skinny! She is 50th percentile for weight and off the chart for height (well over 95th percentile which is above the lines on the chart). Anyway... Daddy is pretty excited because he thinks at least one of our girls will play in the WNBA - we shall see! :) If my kids are anything like me they will be Mathletes rather than Athletes!

Everything looked good and Dr. W was so proud of her. They just laughed and talked together... it was a good visit.... until the dreaded shots. YIKES! 4 shots today which means two in each thigh. Aww come on mom! Owie! She did not appreciate that and cried so very hard. But Mommy came prepared with a juice cup, a passy and the beloved blankie!

After we were done we headed to pick up Big Sis... Nana invited us to stay for lunch and we did. She had made my favorite - Chicken and Dumplins.... ahh thank you Nana! We had a good visit. Now we are home and napping. It has been a busy morning but a good one! I really love days like these!!


Alex and Jill said...

Sounds like a fabulous day (minus the shots) :) She is so cute!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I love keeping my girls!! and hope the chicken was ok, I tried ours and wasnot too inpressed with it:) love dolls pic!!