Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a little note....

We are officially the most boring family EVER! The girls and I haven't done anything this week. We have stayed home, watched some movies, cooked dinners, cleaned rooms, done laundry, done dishes and much, much more! While this is what we "do", it is really nothing worth blogging about. :)

I will brag on my Crazy girl.... she has used her potty more this week than she has since we came home from my dad's. YAY!!!!!

And tomorrow is an exciting day for me and the hubby.... we have our first doctor's appointment! I love/hate the first appointment. I love LOVE the ultrasound.... such a special time. But I truly HATE the bloodwork. I always have. I also hate the paperwork. My sweetie always makes fun of me saying that I overthink all of the questions.... it feels like it takes me FOREVER to fill the paperwork out. Regardless, I'm very excited to go tomorrow and am praying that all looks well.

Perhaps the last half of this week will be more exciting than the first half and I'll have much more to blog about in the next few days. :)


Alex and Jill said...

Excited to hear how your u/s goes...I'm sure all will be perfect! :)


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

well mother hood is a lot of things and soemtimes seems boring but its not to me when I read what you did, I love it!!! Proud of my crazy girl!!! can't wait to hear the Drs. report, you will have to call me, April is coming over I guess at 11:30ish, I am sure ya'll haev worked it out:) if not call me and we will..I love you Jenn your not boring your in a routine:) I am thankful you had a peaceful week at hoem with the girsl, you all need that some:) hugs

Ryan and Sarah said...

I am waiting for the update on the dr. apt! Let us know how it went! Tell the girls hey for me!