Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Case of the Incredible Diaper Rash

It is no secret to my close friends that I LOVE Nancy Drew.

I seriously read every book growing up and if I had the time now, I would probably re-read them. No lie. I've always loved a good mystery. And I have been known, on occasion, to refer to myself as Nancy Drew. I'll answer to that name, if you feel like calling me that. :)

We frequently have "mysteries" in our home that I feel the need to solve. The most recent "mystery" is that of the Incredible Diaper Rash.

Mika Lynn developed a diaper rash about a week ago (maybe slightly longer). I used every cream and ointment we had in the house, from OTC to prescription. No change. In fact, that mess just got worse and worse. I'm not one to freak out and call the doctor over a diaper rash (plus we had a check-up scheduled for today so I was hoping to hold out until then) so I just kept trying to treat it.

Bootie creams = no help.

Next step - change formula. For some reason I thought that the formula may be causing the mess. With the new formula, we got a slight improvement in the diaper rash. But did it go away completely? No sir.

So today we are at our appointment. Dr. W asked me if there was anything up with Mika. I told her to take a look at the insane diaper rash that she has. She did and she proceeded to tell me she was baffled. No idea for certain what it is. It is seriously bizarre - it is like a perimeter rash around the area where her diaper would be wet. Dr. W didn't even know how to write it up in her notes. Ha!

She prescribed some OTC creams (that I haven't used yet) and if it isn't better in a couple days or gone in a week we have to go back to her.

All I keep thinking is "Who gets an out-of-control diaper rash that stumps the doctor?" Only my child! Seriously, my kids are rarely sick, but when they get their little medical issues, they are always weird and never normal. {Breath holding spells, fever viruses that trick the doctors into thinking it is meningitis coupled with some sort of weird bacteria, the list goes on and on.... and on}

I write this not to bore you to tears with talk of diaper rash, but to ask for your help. Any thoughts? Any ideas on how we can get rid of this mess for good?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

When Whit and I were little we used to love "building" forts out of blankets. Today, I shared that little bit of fun with my girls. They are loving their fort.