Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Case of the Incredible Diaper Rash

It is no secret to my close friends that I LOVE Nancy Drew.

I seriously read every book growing up and if I had the time now, I would probably re-read them. No lie. I've always loved a good mystery. And I have been known, on occasion, to refer to myself as Nancy Drew. I'll answer to that name, if you feel like calling me that. :)

We frequently have "mysteries" in our home that I feel the need to solve. The most recent "mystery" is that of the Incredible Diaper Rash.

Mika Lynn developed a diaper rash about a week ago (maybe slightly longer). I used every cream and ointment we had in the house, from OTC to prescription. No change. In fact, that mess just got worse and worse. I'm not one to freak out and call the doctor over a diaper rash (plus we had a check-up scheduled for today so I was hoping to hold out until then) so I just kept trying to treat it.

Bootie creams = no help.

Next step - change formula. For some reason I thought that the formula may be causing the mess. With the new formula, we got a slight improvement in the diaper rash. But did it go away completely? No sir.

So today we are at our appointment. Dr. W asked me if there was anything up with Mika. I told her to take a look at the insane diaper rash that she has. She did and she proceeded to tell me she was baffled. No idea for certain what it is. It is seriously bizarre - it is like a perimeter rash around the area where her diaper would be wet. Dr. W didn't even know how to write it up in her notes. Ha!

She prescribed some OTC creams (that I haven't used yet) and if it isn't better in a couple days or gone in a week we have to go back to her.

All I keep thinking is "Who gets an out-of-control diaper rash that stumps the doctor?" Only my child! Seriously, my kids are rarely sick, but when they get their little medical issues, they are always weird and never normal. {Breath holding spells, fever viruses that trick the doctors into thinking it is meningitis coupled with some sort of weird bacteria, the list goes on and on.... and on}

I write this not to bore you to tears with talk of diaper rash, but to ask for your help. Any thoughts? Any ideas on how we can get rid of this mess for good?


Alex and Jill said...

I'm so calling you Nancy Drew from here on out! Haha!

Wish I could help, but I'm a first time Mom that calls the doc about diaper rashes. LOL You usually tell me what it is!! I hope it gets better with the new cream though.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

The type of diapers you are using? I know pampers can cause troubles.

Pediddlepie said...

Gosh, that is terrible. Is Mika uncomfortable or anything? Addie has had some awful ones with broken skin and everything. The only creams that I swear by are Johnson & Johnson's super cheap blue bottle diaper rash cream and Aveeno. Honestly though, the only thing that ever absolutely fixes it for Addie Belle is a good bath with baking soda in the water and lots of air. I just put leg warmers on her and no diaper and spend the day feeling like I'm cleaning up after a puppy! It may not even ben diaper rash though since the doc couldn't figure it out and it improved with formula, maybe a food thing...allergy of some kind. Oh kids are little mysteries, huh? One time Freddie had a skin rash that three doctor's at Children's couldn't figure out so they decided to treat him for scabies GROSSS!!! It wasn't scabies and it took forever to heal and now there are brown splotches over his whole body where the rash was and still NO DOCTOR knows what it was or is! Skin is just weird I think.

p.s. never had trouble with pampers, but I have heard a few reports that the new "dry max" technology has caused some gnarley rashes. I buy the cheapo baby dry though!

Carrie said...

Oh, Nancy, do I have some advice for you! Mia just got over her first ever diaper rash, like, last week! At 13 months, we consider ourselves pretty lucky that she's never had it. We tried the regular creams and such but they didn't help. Then we asked around to every responsible adult we knew to get some alternative options.

1. Let her sleep in her birthday suit. We put a towel under her sheet and removed the bumper pad and blanket. We turned up the heat in the house and checked on throughout the night to make sure she wasn't sleeping on a wet towel. Surpsingly enough, she only peed one night. This seemed to be a BIG help!

2. Use cloth diapers. We have a stash of them that we use fairly regularly, but we got super hardcore about using them every time. I think this helped a lot too.

3. Let her play naked in the sun. This, to me, is hilarious. We never did it because it's been cold here, but I find the prospect hysterical.

4. And the weirdest option: brown flour in a pan and use it as baby powder. We never had to resort to this because steps 1 and 2 worked, but her daycare teacher said it works like a charm. Just put regular flour in a frying pan - nothing else - and let it heat up until it browns. Let is cool completely and then use it like baby powder. Apparently this is an old school cure.

That was probably WAY more than you wanted to know. Sorry. haha But we JUST finished up solving this mystery for Mia!

Melanie said...

I sure hope it clears up for you soon! Whitson has only had killer diaper rash with an intestinal virus. Baking soda baths and slathering with original desitin seems to work. If it's really bad, I just spray him off in the tub rather than wipe.

I have a good friend who had a similar rash issue, it turned out her baby developed an allergy to pretty much all disposable diapers. Switched to cloth exclusively and no more rashes!

So who knows, but I hope it clears up soon!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I say let me look at it tomorrow:) I swear by butt paste:)you get at the pharmacy counter at Krogers....I will look tomorrow and give you my medical opinion:)))