Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My poor kids. Laila and Mika both have allergies. Thankfully Peyton has been spared and shows no signs of suffering from allergies. :) The thing that stinks is that they all love to be outside but it always makes their symptoms worse. And I hate making them stay inside when they beg to go out. Oh Pollen, how I dislike you.

So what's been going on with us....
runny noses
stuffy noses
watery eyes
difficulty sleeping flat
difficulty sleeping, period

Please, oh please, let the air purifier work.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Things Are Still Crazy....

I really feel like I can't get it together, like I can't breathe, like my world is a funnel cloud and I, along with everything else in my life, am just swirling about.

We've moved.
We are still trying to sell our old house.
I have a garage full, FULL, of stuff that I need to get organized but can't seem to find the time to do it.
I've barely seen Jared over the past 3 weeks.
I've barely been home the past 3 weeks.
I have a list of things I need from Target but I can't seem to get my bootie there.
Allergies. Allergies have hit my kids and it is miserable.

I could go on and on.
I can't seem to catch up and I don't like how it feels. I feel like I have more things to do than can ever get done. Just part of life, I guess.

However, in the midst of all the craziness, I've been able to enjoy some of my FAVORITE things...
My sister came into town so I got to spend a couple of days with her!
Nanny made an impromptu visit over the weekend - time with her is always a blessing!
I get to spend my days with these three babies....
Watching them grow... before my eyes. 

Laughing at their wonderful personalities.

And loving on them. It doesn't get any better.

And I've even had a date with my sweetie. 

I'm so very thankful that even though my life is so crazy right now, I have such wonderful things and people to fill my time!

However, I still need to get some of my stuff done!!! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Creepy...

There is a little "habit" that runs in my family... don't be too creeped out!

Yep, that's my Laila and yep, she's sleeping.... with her eyes open! Someday she'll probably not appreciate that I posted this, but I'll deal with that when the time comes! For now, this is something I want to remember from our trip to Whit's house!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update in Pictures...

Things have been incredibly busy around here. So here is a little update in pictures. Enjoy!

New House!!! Lots of painting

And some decorating the new house.... its still a work in progress.

Trip to Whit's!
Early morning stop at McD's on the way!

Best Friends - Peyton and Pappy!

These girls love their Whit Whit!

Pool fun!!!

Sweetest baby!

My little fishy!

Lovin' the Capri Sun!

Riding around the pool with UB (Uncle Brent). If you got the Uncle Buck reference, way to go!

Worn out after playing hard at the pool. 

Pile on! Not really :)

We've packed a lot of things in the past 2 weeks, including a stomach bug, a poo issue, moving, trying to sell our other house, an unexpected work trip for the hubby, and a trip to the beach. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. The new house has me feeling a little overwhelmed but we are slowly making it our home. Anyway, I'll try not to take so long to post again! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Girls' Day!

Last Saturday we had a Girls' Day. My mom and Nanny came in to town to celebrate my birthday (and Jared's but he had yard work to do so he skipped the girls' day). We decided to go shopping so we loaded up the three kids, one double stroller, one big stroller for the car seat, and us three adults! 

Mimi brought the girls some snacks that they could have while we looked and shopped.... For your viewing pleasure, here is a look at their first experience with Ring Pops!
We pulled their stroller in front of the mirror in the shoe department so they could watch themselves eat their Ring Pops. Oh to be tiny again and be able to sit in front of the mirror watching yourself eating a sucker and people not think you are weird... :)

And in case you are wondering.... this Momma did find some great new sandals! Oh how I love a good pair of shoes... new shoes!
It doesn't really show here but Peyton's mouth was a fabulous shade of blue!

And this sweet baby.... well, she got her pacifiers taken away Friday night. No More Pacis! However, she thought the Ring Pop was a Super Special Paci and she almost fell asleep sucking it. It made her so very happy as you can see in this picture!

"Mom... could you please get us some chicken nuggets and fruit?" We always eat Chick-Fil-A at the mall!

"Are you done shopping yet?" 

And here is my little buddy.... she seemed to really enjoy her first shopping trip! She is such a good baby, I cannot believe how wonderfully fun and easy she has been!

We had a great time and found some great things at the mall... including some sandals for my big girls!!!!! I love Girls' Days and look forward to our next one!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lasagna Night....

Lasagna night is always a fun night at our house... and it is ALWAYS a bath night!

Peyton isn't a huge fan of lasagna, but she will eat some for a biscuit (she doesn't get bread unless she eats her meal or she will just eat bread - just like her Momma!). And this is usually what her plate looks like at the end of the meal...

Laila is a completely different story.... she is my good eater. In fact, she will make herself sick if I let her eat as much as she wants. And she enjoys every minute of her meals. See...

And this is Laila's plate at the end of most meals...

I love these girls and how different they are! And I love lasagna night!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Post...

Easter was our first Sunday in church as a family of 5. It was so nice and Mika did great in service. Of course the big girls had a blast in their classes as well!

Getting all five of us ready was a little crazy. So I asked Jared to take pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses while I finished dressing Mika and this is what I found when I uploaded the pictures from the camera this morning....

One lonely picture that isn't even that good. Not exactly how I would have done it, but ok! :) Don't you just love the mess in my house!

I did manage to get a few pictures of Mika - her first Easter!!!

The big girls had matching dresses and Mika's had the same colors. She looked precious! They all did... I guess I'll have to dress them all up again and take fake Easter pictures. I know Mimi and Nanny are expecting to see pictures.

We had Easter lunch and festivities at Nana's house.... always fun! I missed the Easter Egg hunt so I don't have any pictures of that :( I know it isn't a big deal, but I've been a little sad that I missed out on the egg hunt. Maybe I'll catch it next year. I did get pictures of them playing with their money-filled eggs after the hunt...

Peyton with her cousins.... 

With Aunt Fecia and NeeNee

Hope you all had a happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our computer...

has been sick. We got a virus but it is thankfully fixed now!

I've been without internet or computer for nearly a week now. I haven't really missed it too much. I needed a break as this has been a horrible week for me. I've been struggling with some things and have had my feelings hurt a few times - which is pretty normal for me (I tend to be a little sensitive) but I'm having a harder than normal time getting over it.

Then today, I took my baby for her 2 month check up (2 months already?!?!?!) and she spent the afternoon screaming in pain - from her shots and she had a belly ache. It is so hard when I'm doing all I can to help her and it doesn't seem to be helping.... so I just held her and whispered in her ears. Thankfully the big girls played pretty well on their own so I could focus on baby.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day and I'm sure I'll be up all night dwelling on it.

I'll upload some Easter pictures tomorrow... right now I have to feed a sweet baby and put her to bed. I love being a Mommy!!!!! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today was hard. It seemed like everything was a constant struggle for me. At one point this afternoon, I sent J a text that said "And the hits just keep on coming..." because that is exactly how I felt. It was just. plain. rough.

So I thought I would end this day on a good note. I try to do this every day, but especially on the hard, frustrating days. So here are a few things I'm thankful for and happy about today...

I'm so blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life with this man.... I love him more and more every day. And he's so dang good looking, I can't even stand it! Side note - someday I would love to have that body back. :)

I'm thankful for this little cutie. My first baby. The baby girl who made me a mother. The baby who grew up in 3 short years to become this little girl...


And this baby girl. My second baby. The baby girl who was so attached to her mommy that no one could hold her for about the first six months of her life (really, no joke... she would scream for me, even if Jared was holding her). And in just a few short months she'll be 2! She is such a sweet little girl....


And then there is my third little girl. She is such an easy baby. I love her sweet cheeks and her tiny little smile. She's such a joy and I am enjoying watching her grow and change...

I'm so happy that my sister will be moving back home to AR in a couple of months. She's my best friend and we are incredibly close... so this past year with her so far away has been hard on us. I can't wait to see her more often! (Again, look at my rockin' body - I know it will never look like that again, but a girl can dream!)

I'm thankful that I have a husband who loves me and who I love more than I ever thought possible.
I'm thankful I have 3 precious children who are healthy and happy and are the joys of our life. 
I'm thankful that I'm a mother - it is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.
Every day I thank God for the abundant blessings in my life... even on the hard days. 
I'm thankful that I have family, friends and a God who loves me.
And I'm thankful for today, even though it was hard and frustrating and I found myself in tears more than once.... I'm happy I had this day.