Saturday, April 10, 2010

Girls' Day!

Last Saturday we had a Girls' Day. My mom and Nanny came in to town to celebrate my birthday (and Jared's but he had yard work to do so he skipped the girls' day). We decided to go shopping so we loaded up the three kids, one double stroller, one big stroller for the car seat, and us three adults! 

Mimi brought the girls some snacks that they could have while we looked and shopped.... For your viewing pleasure, here is a look at their first experience with Ring Pops!
We pulled their stroller in front of the mirror in the shoe department so they could watch themselves eat their Ring Pops. Oh to be tiny again and be able to sit in front of the mirror watching yourself eating a sucker and people not think you are weird... :)

And in case you are wondering.... this Momma did find some great new sandals! Oh how I love a good pair of shoes... new shoes!
It doesn't really show here but Peyton's mouth was a fabulous shade of blue!

And this sweet baby.... well, she got her pacifiers taken away Friday night. No More Pacis! However, she thought the Ring Pop was a Super Special Paci and she almost fell asleep sucking it. It made her so very happy as you can see in this picture!

"Mom... could you please get us some chicken nuggets and fruit?" We always eat Chick-Fil-A at the mall!

"Are you done shopping yet?" 

And here is my little buddy.... she seemed to really enjoy her first shopping trip! She is such a good baby, I cannot believe how wonderfully fun and easy she has been!

We had a great time and found some great things at the mall... including some sandals for my big girls!!!!! I love Girls' Days and look forward to our next one!


alicia said...

I just love these girls!!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

fun day:)))) hugs