Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wedding....

So I'm finally getting around to sharing pictures I've snagged of my sister's wedding in June. It was a beautiful wedding.... seriously, it turned out great. It was A LOT of work, but she was happy so it was worth it.

Sis picked a beautiful location for her outdoor wedding. A family friend's house just outside of our hometown. It was the perfect spot. Completely isolated from everything but the river, a private lake and nature. We saw much wildlife over the wedding weekend - makes me appreciate the beautiful state we live in! The girls and I spent the 3 weeks before the wedding with Sis getting things ready and finalized. It was a lot of fun!

All of the wedding party was from out of town so they all decided to make a long weekend out of the wedding. Thus, everyone started arriving on Thursday. Sis had that day all planned! My girls stayed with their Mimi and we took Dad's boat out with the few people who were in town by early afternoon. That evening we had a cookout with the rest of the guys and gals who had made it. Dad made delicious food (like always) and we had a great time visiting and hanging out on the deck.Sis, Me and a lifelong friend!

Friday was a full day for me but Sis and the wedding party spent the day on the lake and hanging out before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
The guys jumping off the bluffs.... I think they had a great time!

It rained pretty hard Friday night, but many prayers were sent up and Saturday turned out wonderful.... hot, but no rain! We all met up at the house for lunch/snacks. My girls stayed with the Hubs so I had a total girly afternoon! Sis got us all matching jacket/shirt things that she wanted us to wear on Saturday. We were pretty cute!

That's me on the left... don't worry, I fixed my hair before the ceremony and put makeup on!

Pictures were scheduled for 4:00 that afternoon with the wedding starting at 7:00. So all the family started showing up around 4:00.... then things got CRAZY!! A lot of kids, but everyone was good and things went well.

My little flower girl.... she loved showing off her dress. :)

The bridal party.... we were all getting tired of smiling by this time!

The happy couple... all married and such!

The food table - it was all gone by the time I got around to getting a plate :(

The Candy Bar - a big hit with the kids (and the adults!)... also gone by the time I got around to it!
The cake table... isn't that table just gorgeous! My sister likes all things fancy... can you tell?! :)
Fountain in front of the house.... stunning. Thankfully my dad didn't get electrocuted while helping install the fountain.... that's another story for another time.
The happy couple leaving... the driveway was lined with sparklers - so cute!
This is the super cool car that they left in... complete with chauffeur!

All in all, it was a great wedding! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time (especially the guys driving the van from the ceremony site to the parking site - they had air conditioning!). Sister was a beautiful bride - absolutely perfect! The music was wonderful - one of the bridesmaids sang "Love is Not a Fight" from Fireproof. It was beautiful and my sister cried from the first note till the last note. It was a great beginning to hopefully a great marriage!

Don't weddings make you want to marry your spouse all over again?!?! Maybe it's just me....

****I borrowed these pictures from a few people who were at the wedding. I hope you all don't mind! I didn't take my camera - I wouldn't have had a chance to take many pictures anyway. Thanks to everyone who did take pictures though!****


elainaann said...

Weddings do that to me too. Everytime I go to one, I want to renew my vows just so I can have another wedding. :) The husband says we aren't renewing anything that doesn't come apart though so I guess I will just keep planning in my head.

Alex and Jill said...

The pics are so good. Everything turned out beautiful!! You guys did a great job. :)

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

such a neat wedding and you all were beatiful even if you did show off a litttle:) tee hee surprized jtell wsanot following you:)