Monday, July 13, 2009

Great start to the day....

While at the grocery store yesterday I saw a package of powdered donuts. So I grabbed them thinking I wouldn't mind snacking on them occasionally.... then my 2-year-old saw them in the buggy. I told her we would have them for breakfast today.

She woke up extra early this morning (I'm sure she had been dreaming of donuts all night and couldn't stand it anymore!) and as I opened her door she gave me a huge smile and said "donuts!"

So we got little sister, got fresh diapers and headed into the kitchen for a breakfast that was as exciting to my children as candy! I guess powdered donuts are possibly closer to candy than a healthy breakfast, but I believe "less-than-healthy" meals are ok every now and then and are good for the soul.

So I handed out a napkin and the donuts.... It was little sissy's first time to eat powdered donuts so I decided to grab the camera. If I haven't mentioned it before, my little baby loves to eat... anything and everything. She has never refused any food.......... and donuts were no different. She went to town on those little white donuts.

Here is a glimpse at our breakfast...

Big sissy posed with her donut.... and her sleepy eyes. :)

Little sissy..... is there anything cuter than a powdered donut grin?

This was a great start to our day! Hope you all are having a great day as well :)


Alex and Jill said...

P does look sleepy...they are so precious. I see Alex being the "lets have ice cream for dinner" type Daddy. I'll have to restrain myself and just go with it. Like you said, every now and then makes it special! :)

elainaann said...

I just love these pictures... and what great memories of special donut breakfasts your girls will have.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

This totally mady my day!! thank you for sharing these pics, Laila just made me smile and laugh!! I love you all...hugs