Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh My Word...

That is what my lovely daughter would say. (That's her favorite phrase, by the way). I went to the doctor today.... and the appointment took 3 hours! Seriously.... 3 hours. I knew I would be there for a while, but really???? 3 hours???!!! Oh my word!

Other than that, everything went great! I got there and filled out the remaining paperwork (my husband made so much fun of me because I asked him probably 5 questions on one page... including one about my last period! HA!). After a while we went back for the ultrasound. It was great.... we saw our little peanut (you know there is a reason they call them that.... they look EXACTLY like a nut!). Heartbeat was great, although I can't remember what it was now. :) I'll have to ask the hubby when he gets home. We saw the little one wiggling some which was precious. Baby measured perfectly - 8 weeks 6 days. And there is only one in there (whew!).... I had been so worried I was having twins.... I'm not!

Then I waited..... waited.... oh and waited some more. Husband went back to work and then they finally called me back for bloodwork. Five vials of blood and a sugar cookie later I was back in the waiting room waiting on the nurse to come get me to go see the doctor.

I LOVE my nurse. She is so great! We chatted and laughed... I peed in a cup, she took my bp (good), then she sent me to the room to get halfway undressed..... I was so hoping I could get out of it since I was just there in February, but no such luck!

The doctor came in and we had a good chat about this pregnancy.... we both agree that a c-section is the right plan this time. She explained some of the possible complications if I were to go the other way and while they are maybe not statistically very likely, they are very serious for both me and baby. So we decided c-section and if I don't go into labor early (which I probably will) she will schedule it for 7-10 days before the due date which is FEBRUARY 12, 2010.

Next appointment is 4 weeks.... and that about sums it up.

Different note: We are having serious potty training success! This is one proud Mommy!!! I really think that my girl just needed to be the one to make the potty decision instead of me pushing her. She's doing great and I love it!

And have I told you how much my little Doll loves food! I made spaghetti tonight and I had spooned it onto our plates and set them on the table to cool.... well the Doll saw the food and started screaming. I mean serious crying. The girl loves food and hates to see it but not be able to gobble it up. She actually eats better than her big sister.... it amazes me every day!

Sorry I don't have any pictures - we did get an ultrasound picture but our scanner is all kinds of crazy so I didn't even try to mess with that. Maybe I'll scan it someday. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Alex and Jill said...

3 fun. I don't remember getting a sugar cookie as payment for my 5 vials of blood! No fair. ;)

Happy to hear that everything went well!


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

yahoooooo I have naother peanut!!! I am so pround of crazy, I knew she was getting ready when she owuld go with me, I think it is wise to wait until they began to realize it and want to use the potty. Sry it took so long at the dr.:( hugs

Rikki said...

I am with Jill...I never got a sugar cookie!'s like a kiddo getting a sucker after getting shots! =) Potty training...yeah, we go back and forth. Rachel does great for awhile and then has accidents a lot in one drives me crazy!!! Glad everything is well with your pregnancy. Did you have a c/s last time?