Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Buffet...

There have been so many things going on with us right now, consider this a buffet-style post... with a little bit of everything.

First, I've been asked about my family reunion last weekend. Here's the recap: We had a great time. My dad comes from a HUGE family (he is one of 12 children). We all get together every summer to celebrate the miracle that is our family. And the miracle that none of us have killed each other :) I kid.... really, we all get along great. We headed to Newport, AR for the weekend. Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Railroad Depot (which has been turned into a hall you can rent). We set up for lunch and got ready to pig out.

All of my dad's brothers and sisters are responsible for bringing food (and my Mamaw raised her some GOOD cooks!). People started filing in and the buffet table started filling up. Had you been there about 11am Saturday you would have noticed a large empty space at the beginning of the table. This is what I like to think of as the most special place. It is reserved for a giant pot (I'm talking bigger than any pot you've seen) of my Mamaw's chicken and dumplins. Seriously, it is perhaps the most delicious food I've ever eaten. So I staked out my spot to "visit" with people. I just happened to choose a spot right by the table (hoping to be first in the line for the food). It worked! We prayed.... and I grabbed a plate. The food was great, as usual! And we had a great time with family.

Funny story - My dad has always been my Mamaw's favorite (I don't know if she would come right out and say that, but she may!). She once told me that she always felt sorry for my dad because he was always smaller than the rest of the kids. In fact, he got his little brother's hand-me-downs. He's not so small now though. So when Mamaw walked in to the Depot for lunch this year, she had a container of dumplins in her hand. Not paying much attention, I went about my lunch. When I went to sit by my dad after I had eaten, I noticed the container by him... empty. My Mamaw had set aside a special container of dumplins for my dad! Spoiled?? Ha! I loved it!

Anyway, we had a great weekend with swimming, good food, old fashioned church and great family! We also had a birthday celebration for my Little Doll with my mom on Friday night and my dad Saturday afternoon. It was great! She's a very blessed baby girl to have so much family that loves her!!!

Ok.... moving on. What is with the dang flies? I kill them all day and they are still buzzing me constantly! I'm about to go insane!

And is it sad that I'm thinking of making my homemade ice cream right now and pigging out before the birthday party tonight? I mean, I could leave a little for everyone else, right? :)

My S-I-L found out this week that she's having a baby girl!! YAY!!! Love me some baby girls! :)

I've been sitting here without typing for a few minutes and I cannot think of the other things I was going to include in my list of thoughts today. I will try to post some pictures of the party and such tomorrow :) That is assuming the computer decides to cooperate with me.

Oh, one more thing..... My baby girl took her first steps yesterday!!! YAY!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Alex and Jill said...

It must be something about Newport and chicken-n-dumplings...Elaina's family always has them at every special occasion! :)

I can't believe L is walking!!

Eat all of that ice cream you want...I don't need it...I gained 6lbs last month! Yikes!

See you tonight!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Laila was the sweet adn smiling birthday girl!! TKS for doing one more party so we could enjoy it too!!! hugs and the ice cream was too good, I did taste it even thought I triednot too:)

elainaann said...

Love me some chicken and dumplings.

I didn't know you were blogging again. Yeah! I've missed reading about what's going on with you guys.