Sunday, February 14, 2010

10 Days....

My littlest baby is now ten days old.... and she just gets more precious every day!

Everything went as planned with her delivery - arrive at the hospital, get Momma prepped, have a baby. The c-section, however, kicked my bootie. It was a really rough surgery this time (it wasn't bad at all last time, so I wasn't expecting this). As my darling husband put it, "It is a really violent procedure." All I know is that they had to give me some pretty strong drugs during the surgery because I was having such a hard time with it. But then we heard her cry - I'm pretty sure ML was crying before she was completely out of my belly. :) And she continued to cry until she got all wrapped up and was given to her daddy! Here they are right after we got back from the OR.
Mika Lynn
7 pounds 8 ounces
20 3/4 inches long
Absolutely perfect!

The only thing that I feel sad about is that I don't really remember the first time I held her because I was so out of it on the medication. It is a weird, cloudy memory. But thankfully the recovery is going wonderfully! No problems at all there! 

My Nanny spent last week with us - it was such a blessing! She will never know how much she means to us. Words can't express it. She was such a help with cooking dinner and taking care of the big girls and letting me take it easy and heal and take care of Little Bit. Don't you just love those squishy cheeks!!!! 

The Big Sisters are so excited as well. They love having their baby home and they are very good with her. It is  so special to me to watch them love her. I know they will all three grow up to be best friends!

We are slowly settling into a routine around here. My mom is here this weekend - another blessing!! She's so good to let me rest as much as I need. And Jared has been great! He even kept Mika Lynn for a couple of hours yesterday so I could go return something to Target and get out of the house for a bit. We also had a special lunch date with just the Big Girls - it was really nice and they liked having us all to themselves. Even though having a new baby at home with us is an adjustment, we are all adjusting pretty well. 

And here are my Three Little Valentines.... aren't they precious! I'm dying to get a good picture of all three of them so we attempted a laying down picture yesterday. We may try some other poses today. :) Oh I love these girls - they are the loves of my life!


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I love it, I need to see mika, she is growing:))) I will come over asap:) hugs and lots of love!!

Alex and Jill said...

My beautiful nieces...Mika looks so much like Laila to me. And then in the last pic...Laila looks just like Peyton!!

So happy to hear that you guys are doing well!


Alicia said...

I'm loving these pictures since I haven't seen her since the hospital!!! I will call soon! I love you all...Aunt Fecia

High Maintenance Mama said...

I love that picture of all three of them!!! PRICELESS!!! I'm coming that way on Monday, ready or not, lol

Love you!