Friday, September 16, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Things...

I have been thinking about all of the things I'm loving right now. Of course my sweet little family is always at the top. {And to be honest, I could fill a top 50 (and more) of things I love about them}

But today I wanted to be completely superficial and talk about the things I love just for me!

1. I LOVE my Kindle. It is serious. :) I have loved books and reading my entire life. As a child my dream was to become a writer. Didn't happen. Sadness. But now I have my Kindle and I have access to so many books. It is delicious. When I travel I don't have to worry about packing enough books so that I don't run out. I have them all in one place. Love.

2. Hair clips. Even though my dear, sweet husband laughs at me, I love wearing cute little flowers and such in my hair. In fact, I sported a red hair poof last Saturday to the Hogs game. It made me feel cute, something that the t-shirt I had to wear took away from me. I am not a t-shirt kinda girl.

3. Burlap. I have visions upon visions of things to do with burlap around my house.... starting with our Christmas stockings. I just need to find the time to bring all of my ideas to life.

4. Fall Candles. I am working hard to burn up what I have left of my spring/summer candles. They are being replaced with the delicious smells of apple, cinnamon, spices, pumpkin.... everything Fall and everything I dream of my home smelling like.

5. Pinterest. Oh my. I never thought I would get as much use out of Pinterest as I am. It is not only really fun, but I have saved so many ideas to my boards that I don't have to worry about remembering them or writing them down on one of hundreds of scraps of paper and throwing them in my planner. It is possible that I spend more time than I should on Pinterest. But what else is a girl to do while the hubby watches game after game after game on tv? {Love you, babe}

6. Gray. I have NEVER been one to wear gray. Or even look at the color. It always felt so drab to me. But now, all of a sudden, I can't help but be attracted to all things gray. Maybe it has something to do with my love for wearing black {not in a dark, depressing or goth way, but in a classy way - at least I hope it's classy} and how gray is basically just another shade of black, right?! :) I even made a gray hair poof.

7. My Life Planner. A couple months ago I heard about a great deal on these too-cute-to-be-true planners. I decided to order one. I didn't know then that I would need that thing Seriously, I refer to it all day long. It is where I keep all my information about all the things that have quickly taken over our lives. I love it!

8. Crochet. I have been crocheting for a few years now. I have always liked it because it was something I could do while Jared and I watched a movie or a tv show or just talked. I finally broke down and made something for myself a few weeks ago.... I love it! It is the perfect shade of Fall Yellow. My dad called it a "mini scarf" which describes it perfectly. I will post pictures of it when it gets cold enough for me to actually wear it. It looks a little silly with my tank tops.

9. My longer hair. I have always been a short hair girl. I decided before my 30th birthday that I needed to do something different. I thought growing my hair out would not only be easy but would maybe make me look younger. So its growing. And it is longer now than it has ever been. Ever. I don't have to wash it every day so that is a huge bonus. The only drawback is that my sparkles {gray hairs} show up a little more when it is long.

10. Meal Planning. I have never been a weekly grocery shopper. I used to spend most of my afternoons trying to decide what to fix for dinner then going to the store to get what I needed for the meal. I finally got smart y'all. I now sit down Monday morning and plan out our meals for the entire week. I basically just pick a meal from our list of family faves and pick a day for it. I have to keep in mind our newly busy schedule and the nights I have to cook really early dinners and such. Then the girls and I go grocery shopping on Monday afternoon and get all of the supplies we need for the week. It has saved loads of time and stress.

There you go. A list of some of the things I'm loving right now. I am so thankful that I am so blessed to be able to enjoy these unimportant things in life. I spent many years not letting myself have anything just for me. It has taken time and lots of urging from special women in my life, but I gave in. I have these things for me... they make me feel a little more sane which makes me a much better wife and mother. Everyone is happy.

What do you love?

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elainaann said...

I love my kindle too!! I never thought I would like it so much.

Can't wait to see some of the things you've been crocheting.