Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For Love of the Game...

We decided this summer to sign Peyton up for soccer. We both thought she would love it.... and we were right! I got a call a few weeks before the season started asking if I wanted to coach. I actually laughed at the question.... I am such a great athlete and all. Ha! Anyway, Jared said he would love to, so we were signed up to coach P's team. Jared coaches and I handle all of the other things that go along with coaching a U-6 soccer team..... you know, coordinating game day snacks. Actually there are quite a few things that we have to stay on top of so it works out nicely for us to do it together.

Ok, this is not a post about how we coach a soccer team.... it is, in fact, a post about my oldest girl and her love for soccer.

Girl likes to show some attitude :)

Peyton loves, I mean LOVES, scoring goals. She gets so excited anytime she scores (even in practice) and she gets a little bummed when she doesn't score a goal.

Jared loves coaching. He is in his element. The kiddos love him as well. We have a great little team with some really cool kids. Jared tries so hard to make things fun for the kids. The other night at practice, the kids were just a little chatty and not wanting to do their practice games. So Jared decided to have them run "line drills" on the field. Wouldn't you know, they thought it was super-fun.... silly kids.

Games are every Saturday morning. The kids always look so cute in their uniforms.

And Miss P is always ready with a silly pose. She also likes to call in a sub so she can have a snack on the bench or get something to drink... seriously, she asks for a drink every 3 minutes or so. So funny.

I need to get her a black long-sleeve shirt to wear with her uniform... Pink and purple are all we have.

Peyton is all smiles when she is playing soccer. She loves it and I am so glad we are able to do this for her and with her.

I am usually found on the sidelines with my other girls. Needless to say, they both love the game as well and I imagine we will be playing soccer for quite a few years. It is a struggle for me to keep them in their seats and off the field during practice and games. You should see me and all of the stuff I bring to practice and games - it is borderline ridiculous. The other moms laugh at my giant bag of stuff that I bring in case we need something, like extra socks or donuts or another ball or a lamp or a down comforter. I kid, kind of. It is tons of fun though. And the smiles that we see on the field make everything worth it!

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Alex and Jill said...

She's so cute in her uniform...and I like the pink undershirt...stands out! :)