Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names....

Kelly is doing Baby Names for Show Us Your Life Friday.... and since I love all things about baby naming, I decided to join in!

It was such a joy to name my three girls. I loved thinking of names from the minute I found out I was pregnant. It drove Jared crazy.... he constantly said "Let's wait until we know what the baby is before we talk about names." What is funny is that we seem to never agree on names. I honestly think the only names we have ever agreed on are the ones we ended up using. But we are both very much into using family names. So here we go...

Peyton Lou

Peyton is named after my grandmother and Jared's mom. My Nanny's name is Peytina Lou and Jared's mom is Linda Lou. Nanny was named after a close friend of her father's, Peyton. However, since she was a girl they decided to name her Peytina to make it more feminine. We decided to go with the original, Peyton, and use Lou as the middle name since it was both Nanny's and Jared's mom's name. I don't really remember us "discussing" Peyton's name.... it seems like it was agreed upon immediately. It is the perfect name for her! And my Nanny LOVES telling people about how her first great-grandbaby was named after her. Its very special!

Laila Whitney

When we found out we were having another girl, we decided that I would make a list of names I liked and Jared would go through it and narrow it down. We had tossed around ideas but hadn't really seriously discussed names. I do remember saying that I would not name my child Laila when my sister suggested it. The one name we both loved is Whitney, which is my sister's name. However, we didn't want to use it for a first name because we thought it would be confusing. 

So I went through the giant baby name book and made my list. When I saw the name Laila in the book it jumped out at me. I gave my list to Jared that night and we narrowed it down to two first names, Addison and Laila. Then we started trying to put middle names with them and we came up with Addison Mary (Mary is my mother's name) and Laila Whitney. We looked at the names and both felt like Laila Whitney was the right name for our baby girl. And it was.... and the funny thing is that she is SO MUCH like my sister Whitney! 

Mika Lynn

When we found out we were expecting again, I tried to talk about names and got the standard response from J - wait until we know. So I made another list this time around.... and surprisingly, it was almost completely different from the previous list of names. Jared took the list and quickly marked off all but two names. He looked at Mika and said "I've always liked that name" and that pretty much decided it for us. 

Then to give her a middle name.... we knew we wanted to use a family name so we made our list of names. We had a family name from Jared's side and from my side. Lynn is my middle name, as well as both of my parents' middle names and my sister's. And since we were having our last baby and she was a girl, then I kind of wanted her to be named after me in some way. So we went with Lynn. And I actually find myself calling her Mika Lynn more than I call her Mika. I love using the first and middle name together. 

We never really got serious about any boy names.... every name I like, Jared doesn't like and vice versa. I'm sure we will never have to seriously discuss boy names either. I love hearing about how babies are named and I love slightly different but not crazy-weird names. It is such an honor and a joy to name my children - one of my favorite parts of planning for the baby!

Now I could write a completely separate post on the nicknames my kids have..... maybe someday soon I will!


Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 said...

So sweet! Your daughters have beautiful names! :)

The Jacobs Family said...

Those are all such great reasons! I love when the names have meaning, especially when it's related to family. Very cool. :)

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

such a sweet post, I was named after my grandmother on my daddy's side, LOU Lovely, glad they just used the LOU:)))