Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Ok.... how long has it been since I've posted? Last week was crazy. My sweet S-I-L and her family were here so we had a week full of kids and playing outside...

I know God has a sense of humor and has had quite a laugh this past week... you see, I'm not an outside person. AT. ALL. However, my children LOVE to play outside. Last week I got to experience squashed caterpillers on pants, topsoil and dirt poured over Peyton's head (which was difficult to get out of her hair!) and a number of other outdoorsy things. My kids had a great week! 

This little cutie had to watch from inside the house because her allergies were out of control! We did borrow an air purifier to see if it helps and I do believe it is helping! Laila's allergies have completely cleared up and Mika is sleeping much better!
How sweet is that face?!

Mika Lynn got to try out her Bumbo chair this past week also.... it was a hit!

Sunday we had a little birthday party for my B-I-L so we had a house full! I'm so glad we were able to celebrate with everyone! It makes me so much more excited to have Whitney and Brent back closer to home! The girls had a great time playing with their Whit Whit, UB, Nanny, Mimi, Hannah, and Pappy! 

Mimi and her girls!

And we also survived some pretty bad storms at the end of last week. Tornado warnings, sirens, thunder, lightening, high winds, pounding rain.... I love storms but we discovered that Miss Laila Whitney does not. Bless her heart, I went to check on her and she was sitting up in her bed, pointing at the window with a look of terror on her face. I got that sweet baby up and we kept her with us the rest of the night. She kept her blanket right up to her face the entire time.

So there's a little run-down of my past week. This week we are dealing with the unexpected passing of Jared's grandfather. Our plans have changed so that we may be here for our family to love and support each other. Please keep our family in your prayers, especially Jared's grandmother and mother.

Have a great Tuesday!


Alex and Jill said...

Awww...that makes me sad that Laila was scared! Bless her heart.

Cute pics. :)

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love he pics since I missed it all;)