Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Flies!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted. Really?!

Things have been SO BUSY but very good. I'm not so sure about how much I'll be blogging for awhile.... there are just so many other things that demand my attention and time and the blog has taken a backseat.

There are a few things I want to record for memory's sake.

We went to the NWA Craft Fair a couple of weekends ago. It was such a blast! Mom, Nanny, Whit and I know how to shop and it appears that my girls are learning at a very early age. Our time together was wonderful and we managed to pack my vehicle down like it has never been packed down before! That's talent people.

Laila decided that she was done with diapers. We are going on two weeks of no diapers and it has been so easy. She's done so well, we are so proud of her! It doesn't quite seem like my baby should be out of diapers. It is also a weird feeling only having to buy diapers for one baby - my bank account likes it though!

The girls and I spent a few days helping Pappy out. He broke his wrist in a "scuffle" with one of the horses. We loved our time with him and I'm thankful his arm is healing well.

My niece, Amelia, turned one and we celebrated at her Birthday Party! It was a good time for everyone (except me - I was miserably sick). The girls had a ball and have pretended to be at Amelia's Party ever since we came home! :)

Also, I've been busy busy painting some things for a few people. I have really enjoyed it and feel like it is such a blessing to be able to do something like that for my friends and family.

Mika Lynn is growing like a weed, I tell you. She is pulling up on EVERYTHING. She thinks she is Big Stuff! She says all sorts of things - the latest include: "num, num, num" when I put snacks on her tray, "mama" - FINALLY!, "bye bye" - or something like it (totally not in context), and something that sounds like she is trying to say "no no" - you know she hears me say that all day to her sisters and they like to say it to her, ha! She is such a little joy and we love her to pieces.

Peyton got to do some major Fall/Winter shopping in Branson and scored some cute things! And we finally found her some red shoes. My, oh my. She has been asking for red shoes for months. I had no idea it would be so hard to find some. Thankfully we came across a fairly cute pair in Branson so I'm no longer searching every store I go into for red shoes. She's happy and wants to wear them all the time. We are still working on her ability to coordinate outfits... Ha!

Today we had Aunt Jill and Amelia over to play. It was such a good time. The girls all love to play together and Jill and I enjoyed adult conversation during the day. If you are a SAHM, you know how rare that is!

I think that about sums it up. I always go into Fall thinking that it will be a time to relax and chill.... and I'm pretty sure Fall is always the busiest time of year for me! Eventually, I'll figure that out and won't be so surprised when I don't have a free weekend during the Fall months.

Hope your Fall is as fun as mine is!

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Alex and Jill said...

You have been busy!!

You said the girls didn't sleep well...maybe our 5 hour playdate was too much for them! HAHA! I sure enjoyed it though. :)

Love you!