Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Week!

Ok so I didn't get this out last night.... but here you go!

I woke up Monday morning and decided that this week would be called Christmas Week around our house. We are doing something fun to celebrate this special holiday each day this week....

Monday the girls and I did some of this....

I think dipped pretzels may be my favorite Holiday Treat!

And my babies had a sleepover at their cousins' house so Momma could go out and have dinner with some old friends. It was much needed time for Momma and the girls had a blast with their cousins. I had the privilege of eating dinner with 5 of the most fun ladies that I know. We all used to work together before I went to Law School. Everyone has since left the company we worked for and three of them have moved away. It just happened to be that we were all in town this week so we planned dinner last night.

We met for dinner at one of my fave restaurants, US Pizza! Four hours, many glasses of water and tea, a pizza, some sandwiches and salads later we said goodbye. What a blessing to spend the evening with these ladies.... that was a great Christmas present for me! And for those of you who helped me out so I could go, THANK YOU!!

Tuesday morning we went and picked up the girls before J went to work. Those stinkers were SLEEPY so we had a bit of a rough morning, but they both took marvelous naps so they would feel like helping me in the kitchen again!

I wanted to do some fun Holiday baking with the girls this year but I know my limitations! I'm oh so pregnant and my kids are still really little so I knew I had to pick some easy goodies to make. Dipped pretzels - check! Butter cookies - check!

Today we baked a cake for a special family to enjoy on Christmas. And I will make a banana pudding for my dear family to enjoy. We have Christmas with my in-laws tonight and I'm looking forward to it. I have to go through all of my gifts today and separate them into groups depending on where they will need to go.

Christmas Eve we will wake up and open our family gifts at home before heading out to my grandmother's. It should be loads of fun!

I just love decorating for Christmas.... I don't do much but I love what I do! I think the mantle is my most favorite thing.... I made all of our stockings (well my mother made mine when I was a baby and gave it to me to use) and I love to see them hanging each year. I'm searching for the perfect one for Baby M!

I also love our tree.... we have a hodge-podge of ornaments that we hang on there.  And every ornament has a meaning or a story or a laugh behind it. It is such fun when we decorate the tree and talk about each ornament we hang. And the angel on top of our tree will never sit straight so we always laugh as we hang her and just enjoy her leaning to one side all season long. And of course, we don't decorate the bottom part of the tree with ornaments because we have little hands that are very curious!

I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Alex and Jill said...

Your house looks gorgeous! Love all of the pics!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

I think that us Averitt/Haley/McGill girls should all go out (without kiddos) every couple of months...would be fun! :) Maybe we should start that in the New Year!?

Love you!