Monday, December 14, 2009

She's On Her Way....

This will be a post devoted to my third baby girl. :) I don't spend enough time talking about her, on here or in person... so here you go Miss M!

Today I had a doctor appointment. I am 31+ weeks. All is well - weight gain is fine (almost 20 pounds from the time I got pregnant but if you factor in me losing 10 in the first trimester, I've "gained" 30!). BP is normal - yay! The insane pain is just something I have to live with - I had already come to that conclusion.... apparently each pregnancy is harder and harder on your body. 

I am having a lot of contractions... in fact, I had a good one while in with the doctor. We both laughed about it because the belly got all kinds of hard just as she was about to check for the heartbeat. Baby Girl's heartbeat was 140.... so that's good. 

And then Dr. C blew my mind when she said "I want to schedule your c-section today". We picked February 4, 2010! YIKES! It seemed so weird to get to pick the day my baby is born.... although I know I don't really get to pick that, just the last possible day for her to be born! :) I called the hubby when I left and told him and I think he was just as surprised that we did that today as I was. Usually, I joke that the appointments are so repetitive and nothing exciting ever happens (not that I want anything exciting, believe me I like the boring appointments) but not today! 

I asked what the chances were for me to go into labor early since my water broke 4 weeks early with P and 3 weeks early with L. Dr. C said it was highly likely that I will go into labor before Feb. 4 and that I should be prepared for a January baby..... I am (kind of!). 

She then surprised me again when she said one more appointment in 2 weeks then we will start every week.... That is early! She wants to start checking me and monitoring more closely since I will likely go into labor early! YIKES!!!! I'm almost to my weekly appointments. I was not prepared to hear that today! 

All in all, it was a good appointment. Now I just need to get done with all of my Christmas stuff so I can get to work on all of my baby things! I have a thing or two to buy and A LOT of clothes to wash!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.... I am planning on taking some Christmasy pictures to post up this week. Hopefully I can get it done!

Christmas Countdown : 11 days!


Alex and Jill said...

I will be surprised if she doesn't come early! She just needs to stay in there until after you baby shower! :)

I can't believe it's only 11 days until Christmas...I have still have so much to do.


elainaann said...

Wow! I didn't realize your girls came so early. At least now you know to expect it. :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

well I am getting my ribbon today for your hospital door, do not wnat to be caught without one like I was with Amelia:((( I cant wait!!!:))))) YIKES!!!!