Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ok, Ok, Ok...

I had this great post started.... then I tried to upload some pictures from my camera to go along with it. That darn camera is giving me fits, so that post will have to wait. I will replace it tonight with a rundown of what's been up with us.

  • Peyton has been begging me to go to school. She even plays like she is going to school and packs books and such in her backpack, grabs the toy keys and picks a spot in the house to call "school" and goes there. Ha! So I've decided to help her out and give her some worksheets to do while she is at "school". She's doing great and is so proud of what she can do. I'm a little proud too!
  • Mika has been eating Gerber puffs and cheerios and I have the cutest picture of her shoving one in her mouth - yep, it is still on the camera. Darn camera. She loves her finger foods. She is also going through a phase (I hope that is all it is) where she doesn't want milk, but eats the mess out of some baby food. Silly girl.
  • Tonight Laila was getting into trouble (she didn't have a nap today and was just a little tired and moody). I told her she needed to change her attitude if she wanted to stay up for a little while (I tell the girls frequently that they need to change their attitudes). Well, my sweet little two-year-old continued to disobey and when I told her it was time to go to bed she said over and over "But I'll change my attitude now". It was so cute, she has the sweetest voice and demeanor and when she says things like that it will just make you smile - she still went to bed though. :)
  • I put up some of my Fall decor. I love Fall! 
  • I've been looking for some Hogs shirts for my girls to all wear this fall on game days (they will not be going to games, but we can support the team from home!). I can't find anything that I like, so I've decided to make some. Eeek! If they are cute, I'll show you. Don't expect much.
  • Since we've had some cooler days lately, the girls have been able to play outside. 

P's legs are way too long for the little tricycle but she still loves to play on it! Ha!

Ok.... I'm being attacked by a mosquito as I'm typing this post and I can't seem to kill it. And if y'all are lucky, you'll get a better post with the pictures that are still hanging out in the camera tomorrow. I'll go ahead and wish you all a happy weekend now, in case the camera is still acting up tomorrow. 

Happy Weekend!


Kim said...

How cute! I love the "attitude!" Kids crack me up:) I cannot wait to get fall decorations up! You inspired me to get mine out!! Enjoy your weekend too! Maybe I'll see you at the game tonight:)

Alex and Jill said...

I can just hear Laila...haha! So cute.

I'll be working on Fall decor soon...can't wait! It feels so good outside right now. :)

Have a great time at the lake!!

AJAH said...

LOVE it! : )