Monday, September 20, 2010

Woooo Pig!

Let me start by saying Go Hogs! Thank you for deciding to win Saturday's game. Let's get another win this coming weekend.... ok?!

This is a quick recap of our weekend.... I have a to-do list that is growing by the minute today. And I've planned a little excursion for the girls and me one day this week so my time to complete my list is getting shorter and shorter.

We had a little impromptu watch party Saturday at our house. It was fun, but left me feeling exhausted. I LOVE to entertain in our home and even though I didn't do much for Saturday's party, I enjoyed having people over.

Friday our sweet Jill and Amoolia (that's how my Laila says Amelia) came over to play. We had such fun.... the Mommies got to chat and the little girls played so hard. I love being able to share the same struggles with other Moms.... it is so special when we can relate to each other and the things we feel/think/do as Mommies. We can't wait to do it again!

Sunday afternoon my dad came into town and we enjoyed a fun dinner with him. And of course, once Mika and Laila were in bed asleep, Pappy and Peyton headed to Wal-Mart. That is their special thing to do together. They came home with some new toys, powdered donuts, fruit snacks and milk.

Our weekend was busy, but fun. In any free time I had, I was busy working away at finishing some projects for some friends. I can't wait to give them their pieces. And since I've been so busy this weekend I didn't snap one picture of us doing any of our fun things. But... be looking for some cuteness in pictures this week.

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Alex and Jill said...

So excited about the game this weekend...we just HAVE TO WIN!!

I had a great time with you and the girls. It's so much fun for me, now that Amelia is actually old enough to get down and play with toys and other kiddos. Loved catching up and we look forward to our next playdate!

Your Dad is so sweet with the girls. He's a good Pappy. :)

Love you!