Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Out of Sorts

Things at our house have been a little out of sorts the past few days. My sweet baby girl has been in the 7th Month Attachment Phase (don't try to tell me there is no such thing). On top of that she has been all kinds of fussy and not herself (I'm thinking teething, but can't find any teeth coming in) which makes for an exhausted Momma who hasn't been able to get much done.

Thankfully, today has been different... so far. What that really means is that I'm playing catch-up on all the things I've let go over the past few days. However, I just had to share the picture I snapped of my sweetie while she was napping yesterday (a nap that was long overdue and still didn't seem to help her fussiness).
Bless her sweet heart - that could NOT have been comfortable. 

And now back to the laundry and the cleaning and the dishes and such.

Have a great Tuesday y'all!

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Kim said...

oh,honey,there is *for sure* an attachment phase! I think Clara's lasted her entire first year! I'm pretty sure that child's feet never touched the floor without her crying. She wanted her momma ALL the time. :) I did love it, but it certainly didn't allow me to do much else:)

LOVE your polka dots:)