Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes!

We have Mika's party scheduled for Sunday afternoon but I couldn't let her actual birthday pass without some sort of celebration.... so Friday morning, before Jared went to work, we sang "Happy Birthday" and gave Mika Lynn a birthday cupcake. She loved it - I can't imagine why! Ha! She is so cute and so sweet, just like a little cupcake herself....

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

"Daddy, my cupcake tipped over.... "

"This hot pink frosting is delish! I need to make sure I don't leave any on my high chair tray."

"Is there any frosting on my face?" 

"This is awesome! Can it be my birthday every day?!"

We had a great time having a little family celebration of our little girl! We love her so much. My heart has been so full of love and happiness over the past few days. I'm trying to really soak it all in and make some wonderful memories. I keep thinking that we will never get these days back.... this is the only time she will turn one.... I'm trying not to completely lose it, but its hard. I've been looking through a lot of old pictures of her and I've found myself sitting in front of the computer with tears pouring from my eyes. I love all the stages the girls go through but I think I'm just trying to hang onto this baby stage as long as I can. They grow up so fast. I wish I could keep them little forever.... can I?

Ok friends, there are three little girls who I'm needing to go play with. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Carrie said...

The tipped-over cupcake photo is the funniest thing I think I've ever seen! It made me laugh, like loud, at work. So adorable! :)