Friday, February 11, 2011

What We Have Going On...

First, my "o" key is being goofy so if I leave an "o" out of a word, I apologize. (And I think there were like 45 "o"'s in that sentence. Ha!

Here is a little list of the goings on around here this week.

1. We got snow..... about 6 inches which is much less than my sister got (about 20 inches). It was really pretty as it came down, now I'm done with it. Spring? Yes, please.
2. The girls and I took Mika Lynn to her one-year check-up. She is perfect (of course!). I was surprised, however, to learn that she doesn't even weigh 20 pounds yet. Really? She's in the 75th percentile for her length but only the 25th for her weight. Long and skinny. Her daddy thinks she will make the perfect WNBA star!
3. Miss Peyton Lou is turning 4 in a couple of weeks. What? My baby is almost 4?! How did that happen?????
4. With the upcoming 4th birthday, we are planning a fun little party. I asked P what kind of party she wanted and she is adamant about having her party in our backyard. I have it all planned out and only have a few things to actually do (I may like this outside party idea - not a lot of decorating!). Now we are all just praying for beautiful weather for her party.
5. I need to get out of this house badly! I am hoping we can all get out together tomorrow - I don't have anything to do really, just need to do something. As beautiful as it is, I think the snow can negatively affect our moods, if we let it. I need to go out and show that snow who's boss, I won't let it control my life! Ha! Seriously though, I just hate being stuck inside.... the girls and I are a little stir-crazy.
6. Jared has been working a lot this week, so we are missing him. I hope we can be lazy tonight and catch up on some DVR.

Alrighty, naptime is over.



Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

A outside party will be fun:) If you needmy outside table your hunk of a husband can come and get it:0 sry he is having to work so late...

Alex and Jill said...

I forget how close M & P's birthdays are! Outdoor parties are the best. I hope Amelia will always want an outdoor party. Easier clean-up! :)

Kim said...

I totally understand! We have been stuck in the house since wendnesday, and I was so excited to get out of the house to grocery shop today! Is that sad?:)

Kim said...

I totally understand. We have been stuck in the house since wednesday. I was so excited to get out of the house to grocery shop today! Is that sad?:)