Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ok... I think things have settled down...

enough for me to get back to my blog. Yikes, it has been a crazy couple of weeks!! Last week we welcomed my sweet new niece, A, into our big ol' family! And the good news is she and Mommy are scheduled to go home today! Woo Hoo!!!

We are loving Fall, except for the rain - yucko! And we are taking some time to enjoy this wonderful season!
Don't you just love Fall clothes!!! Seriously, I love picking out my girls' clothes each morning!

We also spent the weekend with Pappy last weekend.... it was wonderful, as always. We ate well - I'm sure I gained 3 pounds in the two days we were there (seriously, I weighed myself). We played and watched some good movies. And we rode Sugar, Pappy's horse!

L loved playing on the fence... and so did P!

P is so big and she loves, LOVES to ride Sugar. She's a natural too! It blows my mind! She was telling Sugar to "Whoa, Sugar" and "Be easy Sugar". It was too cute!

And L got to ride for the first time.... she wasn't too sure at first. So Pappy took her around the circle. And she LOVED it! {Speaking of Pappy... isn't my dad just too cute?!} I think we have another natural horse-rider on our hands! And before we knew it, this is what was going on....

Yep, that's my 16 month old baby riding Sugar all by herself (with Pappy leading her around and keeping a hand near her in case she started to fall)! I couldn't believe it!!!! And I'm so proud of her!

And most importantly, I've been spending some time with these people... the ones who make my days brighter and give me a reason to get up every morning.... the ones who make everything I do worth it....

Can I just say that my kids have a wonderful dad... he's the best! He loves his girls so much and they LOVE him!!!! It is so special. And he is the best husband - I love you J!

We had a house guest last night but I'll post pictures of that later. We should have a pretty normal rest of the week so I'll have more time to post. I've also been busy with some gifts and orders from my "craft" blog.... check it out! I'm having the best time with it.... even though all of my orders have been for family! :)

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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