Friday, October 30, 2009

It's a PJ Day....

If you live in AR you know that the state has been hit hard by rain this month....and yesterday and today are no exception. So I woke up this morning and declared this rainy Friday a PJ Day at our house! I never do this.... it is very out of character for me. But given the floods outside, I don't think we will be getting out and we have some things we can catch up on around the house. So here we are.... a PJ Day!

And just because I've been very sentimental lately, here is a picture of my girls eating breakfast this morning. It was just one of those moments I never want to forget. We just recently moved my Little Doll out of her high chair and to the table and I LOVE having everyone at the table for meals... it is such sweet family time!

{Notice the baby doll at the table.... she eats most meals with us! And disregard the crazy morning hair, my girls are just like me - our hair is SO NOT CUTE in the mornings.}  {Also, is it crazy that it makes me sad that my Crazy Big Girl no longer uses a sippee cup or the baby bowls? Just look at her.... she's so big! Every day she does something else that's so "grown up" and it makes my heart ache a little....}

So there you go... Happy Friday all! Don't get washed away if you head outside and I hope you all have a moment today that is very special.

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Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love all the pics, I was behind in my readings:) hugs