Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some info...

So this week is crazy for me.... we have a lot going on and some really fun things this weekend to prepare for.... and this will likely be my only post this week. :(

I have a sick little girl.... just a cold, thankfully. It has us kind of messed up. She hasn't been sleeping well (until last night) and neither have I (with her in the bed next to me, kicking and snoring). And I can tell because I have been struggling this week keeping my sanity and not losing my cool. But she is on the mend.... yay!

Anyway... I wanted to let you all know about my sweet S-I-L's Christmas Giveaway! Go check it out over on her blog. She's getting me in the Christmas spirit! YAY!!

I've even started my Christmas shopping - this is very early for me. I usually don't start until after Thanksgiving because I like to see the Christmas decor around the stores as I shop.... but there have been some things I couldn't resist for my family so I started shopping early!

I also have been working on some fun baby crafts.... I'm thinking of starting a blog devoted to only my creations... what do you think?

Ok.... I really need to get to my list of things to do today. Hope you all have a wonderful day and a wonderful week!

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Alex and Jill said...

I'm glad P is feeling better! Hopefully you will get some rest before leaving town.

I'm so in the Christmas shopping mood and depending on what stores you go in, the Christmas stuff is already out...crazy! :)

The crafting blog is a great idea! And you could start selling some of those creations on the do such a good job.

Love you!