Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

Late.... I know! But I want to remember this so I'm blogging it!

The night before Christmas Eve we had Christmas with my husband's family. Always a wonderful time. We came home from that and I got the girls ready and in bed while J went to his parents to get their one, BIG gift from us. It was a kitchen playset. We had looked at it different times and decided it was the perfect gift for us to get the girls together. 

So with the girls in bed, Mom and Dad get out the kitchen. Oh. My. Word. I finally felt like I had been fully initiated into parenting that night. We put that kitchen together until after midnight.... and J even went to Wal-Mart at midnight to get batteries. He absolutely refused to give them a gift without batteries in it. :) 

**Side note-- apparently Wal-Mart is crazy the night before Christmas Eve, J came home and said the parking lot was full (it was midnight) and that he even ran into someone we know! 

We get the kitchen all set up - it took forever but it is a super-cool kitchen and we were so excited to give it to the girls. We finally got to bed around 1am (which is WAY too late for me!). Apparently the girls could sense the excitement because they were up by 6:30 the next morning... crawling into our bed. We all got up and headed into the living room where we had the kitchen set up....

P was bursting with excitement! This was a real smile... not one of her "cheese" grins that she gives when I pull the camera out!

Same for Little Sis.... She LOVED the kitchen! They were both so excited and seriously played with their kitchen the entire morning while I got ready and packed up to leave.

"Look Mom, play donuts!"

"Can I take your order?"

After about 2 hours of straight kitchen playtime... we were ready to get on the road. I called my sister (who was at my Nanny's house) to check on the weather situation. It had been raining for a couple of days and was starting to flood. She informed me that the road in front of Nanny's house was covered in water but it wasn't bad.... BUT she said the toilets weren't working because of all the water. WHAT?

Apparently floods make my grandmother's toilets not work so everyone who was at her house was having to make trips to my mom's to use the bathroom. I asked why they didn't just pack up and go to my mom's house and was told that Nanny wasn't leaving her house. She was always there cooking on Christmas Eve and this year would be no different. 

We head out and actually had to drive through some pretty badly flooded roads. Thank goodness for our Tahoe... and my adventuresome husband who gets a thrill out of driving in scary conditions. I kept seeing houses flooded and abandoned cars on the side of the road and my heart just broke. All I could think was that this was how these people were spending Christmas Eve and Christmas... I spent a lot of that 1.5 hour drive praying for those families and people. 

We finally made it to Nanny's around lunchtime. We spent the rest of the day driving to go to the bathroom, eating too much Christmas food, laughing, playing games, and enjoying time together.... despite the flood outside. 

Stay tuned for the rest of our Christmas Adventures....


Alex and Jill said...

That kitchen is too cute! Perfect gift for two little girls. :)

elainaann said...

Love the kitchen! I had one when I was little and remember playing with it for hours. I've always told my Mom that my daughter(s) will definitely have a kitchen.

And Oh my Word about all the water. Andrew and I tried to go to my Mommom's in Batesville on Christmas Eve. What is normally an 1.5 hour drive took us 3.5 hours. My husband also found it adventure. It was a challenge for him to make it without the interstate. MEN! :)