Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have seen....

the visions of my future. And it includes this
The Broken Arm Girl Stock Photos

and this
Man With His Leg In A Cast, Using A Wheelchair Clipart Illustration

I let the girls play alone in their room today while I ran to the back of the house for less than 2 minutes.... When I opened their door I found them both standing on top of their play kitchen. The little monkeys apparently like to climb up there and do who knows what. I'm sure they are going to do that one day and fall off - they have my clumsiness :)

All I can say is it is a good thing they LOVE milk and maybe it will really give them strong bones because they will need strong bones if they are going to continue down this path!

Oh how I love those girls and their crazy ways! If I hadn't been having a Momma Heart Attack I would have grabbed the camera and taken their picture.

And in other news.... Little Miss M is still hanging in there - no progress as of yesterday. Looks like she may be in there a while longer!

Happy Thursday everyone....

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