Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just a few random thoughts...

*Yesterday, my almost 3-year-old daughter informed me (while watching a clip from a Hannah Montana concert on Disney Channel) that she wanted one of "those". I asked her to show me what she was wanting - turns out it was a glo stick.... REALLY? I had to laugh at the thought of her waving around a glo stick like our living room was a concert arena or a rave!

*My diaper bag came in yesterday.... oh how I love it. Granted, it isn't packed with anything yet, but it is so darn cute. I don't usually indulge and buy cute things for myself (I tend to save the cuteness for other people) but I got this bag and it has made me quite happy! I hope I still love it once I try to put some things in it.

*Speaking of packing bags... I made the hospital bag packing list. That way we have some guidance in case we have to pack in a rush (like we've done two times before).

*All of my baby laundry is washed and I have one load left to put away! That was a chore, I tell you. But I'm so glad it is done. Now all I have to do is clean up the car seat and we are ready for this baby to come!

*I took down my Christmas decorations.... finally! Now I want to rearrange my living room furniture. Crazy? I think so! But I can't stop thinking about it.

*Tonight is a date night with my sweetie to celebrate our anniversary.... I'm so excited! I'm sure it will involve dinner and a movie at home (because I'm just too uncomfortable to sit in movie theater seats) and we'll probably both be asleep by 10pm. That's how we roll.

*I plan on cleaning my house some today.... wish me luck!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and a wonderful weekend!

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Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love it, and have enjoyed my sweet girls!!