Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls and Their Dolls...

Just like most little girls, my girls love dolls! We have oh so many dolls here in our home - enough that I created a special toy box just for baby dolls! :)

I love all the dolls (and so do my girls) but there are three dolls that are really special to me. They are their Wagon Train Dolls.

About once a year we go to Silver Dollar City - a theme park in Branson, MO. On each of the girls' first trips, they have gotten their Wagon Train Doll.

While we were at my dad's house a few weeks ago, we made a trip to SDC one Saturday. Since it was Mika Lynn's first time we had to get her a Wagon Train Doll...

I gave it to her today and she is in LOVE with this baby!

I love the Wagon Train Dolls because the story is that they were originally made by some crafty, creative mommas who didn't have much to make a baby doll with so they used rags and tied them together. I love this!
I only hope I'm a creative Momma like that!!!!!

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Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I love them and I love those Girls:)