Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Interesting Day...

Some kids play "pretend" with Barbies or action figures, some play "pretend" with dolls or stuffed animals... my kids play "pretend" with crayons!
This is Peyton's "castle" complete with all of us who she locked in there because we weren't being very good. Thankfully, she let Daddy save us from inside the castle. Ha!! I'm thinking its time for some new toys :)

While Peyton was playing with the crayons, Laila was busy doing this...
Picking up the crayons she dropped. I should have taken a video of this because she was singing "clean up, clean up..." and it was hilarious! I love her sweetness!!!

And tonight while I was giving Mika a bath, a certain little girl (Peyton) decided to snatch up my camera and take some photos herself.... Here is what I found when I put the pictures from the camera onto the computer:
Food Network! Disregard the state of my mantle, it is a work in progress! A few things got stuck there this week until I find somewhere for them to "belong". And the white patches above the tv.... another project we are trying to finish.... I can't believe I'm posting this picture. 

This would be our couch.... nice angular shot!

Laundry on the coffee table! At least she took the pictures after we picked up all the toys :)

We have some fun planned for the weekend and I'm going to try to be good and take many pictures so I can share with you all! Have a great weekend!!!


Alex and Jill said...

Those girls make me laugh!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

have a fun filled weekend:) enjoy your family, I kow they will nejoy all of ya'll:)