Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Well.... what started out as a week-long trip for the girls and I to visit my dad ended up lasting a little over three weeks! Yikes! Things just kept coming up with Jared's work and it seemed to make more sense for us to just stay with dad then come home. Boy, did we have fun at Pappy's house! Sit back, relax and enjoy some picture highlights from our time there!

Two little girls watching Pappy and Daddy get things ready to go out on the boat!

Pappy and two of his girls.... such sweet times.

Momma and Mika Lynn - my sweet little baby girl! She is growing way too fast!

Mika and Whit Whit!

Little swimmers - these two fish LOVE the water!!!

Daddy and his big girls!!

Love this face! 

Family photo - J, Mika Lynn, Me, Laila, Whit Whit, Peyton, and Uncle Brent

Nice Shades!

Pappy and his lake buddy - this may be my favorite picture of him ever!

Me and my sweetie!

This is how Laila spent most of her lake time.... snacking!

Laila Bean and Momma!

We had so much fun!!!

Uncle Brent was giving piggy back rides on the raft!

We got home Saturday afternoon just in time to clean up the house and yard for the annual crawfish boil and fish fry our family has. We started partying Sunday afternoon and it was a blast! I took some pictures of the girls playing with the crawfish (I never thought my kids would do that, but they sure did when I wasn't looking!) but the pictures didn't turn out because of some crazy lighting. I did, however, get one good picture of Laila after she ate the red ice cream cup that Belinda gave the kids..... can we say Bozo the Clown?! 

It has been a crazy month and apparently that isn't going to change anytime soon. J is still having crazy work schedules and we have birthdays and reunions and holidays all coming up. I'm looking forward to all of it but it is a crazy time!!

Happy Summer everyone!


elainaann said...

Love the pictures and have definitely missed you blogging.

I'm glad you were able to spend time with your dad and sister while Jared works.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for all this traveling they are doing to be over. I much prefer to have my husband in the same state as me. :)

elainaann said...

Yes, I did do my blog design myself. Thanks for the compliment.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

it is a crazy time:) had to get home with mother today so did not get to visit, Luella was coming over, she loves the house, excited baout her move:)