Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am I Crazy???

This morning we went and signed my Little Girl up for Mother's Day Out. She calls it "school" because she knows so many people who go to school and she wants to go so badly. So to us, MDO is School.

I know this is probably crazy (and I like to think I'm not normally a Crazy Mom) but I feel like she is really going to school. This is a new phase for us and I've been really emotional about it. My emotions range from excitement to sadness. Am I crazy? I mean, it is only MDO. It's actually supposed to be for me, right??? Mother's Day Out? :) I haven't cried so far, but I just feel like she is too little to be going to "school". She's my BABY! I'm sure the tears will come soon...

But my girl is so excited and her excitement is very contagious. We walked in to turn in our registration and we got to go see her classroom. We got to see the little bathroom with the teeny tiny potties. We saw all the toys and the playground. She loved it all and wanted to stay and play. :) She's going to be great and enjoy "school" so much. This just makes me feel like REAL school is so close. Lord, let me enjoy every moment of these next few years because I know they will go by so quickly.

Ok, now onto something less emotional... :) I haven't been good about posting pictures lately but I am trying to get better. Last week my dad came to visit for the day. He had a test to take here for work (he passed... Go Dad!). So after the test we all had lunch together and then he wanted to take the girls to Wal-Mart to get some treats. He loves them so much and he loves to take them to the store and let them pick whatever treats they want. He left soon after we got home from WM so I got all the goodies out of the bag to see what we had made it home with.
Does Pappy spoil his girls.... I think so! We are so lucky to have him! Love you Dad/Pappy!!!


Alex and Jill said...

Circus peanuts...I'll be right over!! Those are so good when they are really fresh. :)

The years do pass way too fast...can't wait to hear how P does at 'school'...she's going to love it, I'm sure!

Rhonda Rae said...

oh gurl i no what you mean the boys are startin mothers day out to and im a mess about it we are goin friday to buy all there stuff and i no im just gonna cry when i drop them off. But im lookin forward 2 sum me time b4 logan gets here and some one on one bonding time with him when he comes

Rikki said...

We call PDO "school" too! Rachel has been going for awhile now and LOVES IT!!! It is good for me too..I love having time to run errands without her and spending time with my itty bitty one with big sister somtimes!