Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm back...

Alright.... here we go! I have A LOT of catching up to do on here. We have been busy this past week and I was miserable yesterday with a headache but I am ready to fill you all in now. Sit back, relax and be prepared for a post that is all over the place...

We are getting better about our little night night issue with the Princess. I have just resolved to not let it get me so frustrated and I think we may be on the upside. ALSO.... she is using the potty all day, every day (except for sleep times)!! I know you are all jumping up and down with me! This is incredibly exciting and our diaper usage has dramatically dropped! YAY!!!!

We went to Branson, MO two weekends ago with Mimi and Nanny and we had oh so much fun! I did an insane amount of shopping (for me) and came home with new fall/winter wardrobes for both girls. I am planning on taking a picture of it soon to show you how much stuff I got them. Oh how I love outlet malls. And my girls loved shopping there too - because most of the time they were outside. Yes, the inside girl (me) has been given two little girls who LOVE to be outside. I'm hoping #3 likes to be inside with me, so at least I'll have someone to hang out with while the girls and their daddy play outside! We also took the girls to Silver Dollar City while we were there. I think we ALL loved it as much as the girls. And my Nanny bought me a sweet necklace that I LOVE!

Sidenote about jewelry. I am not a big jewelry person. I have spent the better part of the past 3 years holding a baby and necklaces and bracelets just don't work well in that situation. I love to wear jewelry (I'm not a blingy person, but I love some color or something that catches the eye) but I try to live with as little stress as possible. And fighting the kids for my necklaces is just more than I want to deal with most days. But I'm planning on changing that.... :)

Last week was really hard on me which is the reason for no posts. But here I am this week and things are MUCH better. We did take a trip over the weekend. My sister (who lives way too far away from me - 10 hours) was in Memphis, TN for the weekend so we decided to drive that short trip and meet her. And my dad decided to do the same! So we had a great weekend with them. We shopped and went out to eat and swam at the hotel and just had a great time with some of our favorite people. My girls light up when they are with my dad and my sister. They light up when they are with any of our family - those two girls LOVE their big family! It is so special to the husband and I to see them so happy to be with family. So we had another great weekend! I'm wondering, when will weekends last 5 days and work weeks last 2? :)

Because the girls are set up with new clothes for the fall, this Momma decided to fancy up their outfits a little with some hairbows. So instead of spending a lot of money on them, I'm making them. I am heading to Hobby Lobby (ahh, love that place) today to get some things I need to finish up my bows and I will then have pictures to show you. New clothes, matching bows.... so excited. I'm also on the hunt for some cute fabric to make Thanksgiving and Christmas dresses. I'm not a pro at fabric shopping, so I'm curious... where do you buy your fabric????

Ok, my little Crazy girl just woke up extra early from her nap so it is time for me to go. I also have a huge amount of cleaning to do today since I did NOTHING yesterday. But I'm feeling good now and I'm about to get my clean on!!!

Oh, and since I like to leave you with a little something exciting.... I WON! I entered a giveaway on Natalie's Blog and I won! Really, I never win anything, but I won this! I can't wait to get my package in the mail so I can show you all the amazing things that she gave away! But maybe more exciting than the giveaway is that I found her blog because of it. It is a really great blog and I hope you all check it out sometime. YAY.... I'm still excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

yea on winning!! so proud of the potty going ood, it is hardhaving two little ones nad being pg:)but you are doing a great job!!! hugs and miss you all:)