Monday, August 17, 2009

Tests, Operation, and a Surprise....

Here is the background. Thursday afternoon I noticed Baby Girl was warm. Temp 101ish. Motrin and bed. I was up in the middle of the night to give her more medicine as her temperature was still up. This has been ongoing since Thursday afternoon. The tylenol and motrin get rid of the fever but it comes right back as soon as the meds wear off. Then Sunday night I noticed her lips turning purple and her arms and legs were too. They were cold to the touch even though she still had a fever. We got her warmed up and gave her some more meds and put her to bed. Needless to say, Momma didn't sleep well (and hasn't slept well since Thursday night). So Monday morning I called the pediatrician and made an appointment. Thinking this would be no big deal, just a quick look over and make sure there wasn't anything wrong, I took Big Sis with me. Oh how wrong I was....

The doc wanted to do a blood draw. She then decided we needed a chest x-ray and possibly we would be doing a urine test. So the three of us sat in the waiting area for blood and x-ray. Blood draw came.... Baby cried. Big Sis didn't know what to do, so she just patted Little Sis on the back and curiously watched.

Then came x-ray. Since I'm pregnant I couldn't go help. So they took her away, which caused Big Sis to cry (she's pretty protective of her sister). After a few minutes we heard the unmistakable cry coming from the x-ray room. Baby Girl was NOT HAPPY! A few minutes later they brought a sobbing baby girl back to me. We went back to the exam room to wait for our results.

Chest x-ray was good. No problems there. Blood count was not perfect. Her white blood cell count was elevated and it caused the doc to think it may be a bacterial infection rather than a virus so she wanted to do a urine test. Now.... if you have never had a urine test run on your baby you may not know what happens. Sadly, this isn't my first experience with a baby urine test. They can't pee on command so how do you get the pee pee out? By catheter.... so sad. But Little Sis survived (not quietly.... she screamed A LOT). Urine came back fine so the doctor decided to call it a virus for now. Keep treating it the same and hopefully it will go away. If the fever is still present Wednesday or Thursday.... bring her back in. Got it!

Thankfully, we woke up this morning with NO FEVER!!!! Praise the Lord! Back to normal!! And in case you were wondering, Big Sis was awesome the entire time we were at the doctor's office. She was such a help to me and I am SO PROUD of her!

Now.... we are in day 2 of "Operation: Get Big Sis Ready for Mother's Day Out". I realize some moms may think I'm crazy, but I am very concerned with how she does with MDO. She has never gone to MDO or DayCare or stayed with anyone who wasn't family. I think this is great... that we've made it 2+ years and have been fortunate enough to keep her with us most of the time. However, this is presenting me with a problem as MDO gets closer. One problem - naptime. We've always had a scheduled naptime (flexible, but I try to keep to a schedule). However, I've always said as long as she plays quietly in her room during naptime then it doesn't bother me if she doesn't sleep. There is no playing at MDO during naptime... she needs to know how to lay down and rest.

Well, lately this has become a problem so Mission #1: Naptime = lay quietly in your bed. Yesterday's nap was not a success but today has been a different story!!! YAY!

We also have a lot of things to do to prepare for her to be away from us one day a week (I know how crazy this sounds, but it is an adjustment for all of us and I prefer to be overly prepared for EVERYTHING). Hopefully we can get naptime under control so we can focus on discipline and all the other things that I have to have figured out before next month.

And finally.... I got a surprise on my doorstep yesterday.... are you ready for this??????
Oh yeah baby.... that's my giveaway package that I won at Natalie's Blog!!!! She sure does know how to host a giveaway! This made my day. Check out all the great things in the package (and there are still more things to come).

The girls both LOVED the Sophie the Giraffe.... They thought she was so cute and her squeak is precious! And Big Sis has had a blast with the See What I See game! She has played with it constantly since I gave it to her. So great!

The husband and I have argued about whether or not the swaddle blanket and the sweater and booties are gender neutral since I showed him everything I got. I have a feeling this will be an ongoing discussion if we have a baby boy :) I guess we will find out in about a month!!!!

Ok... I think this is enough for one day! I don't want to overload the readers. :) I have a lot going on, so hopefully I'll have some good posts for you all this week.


elainaann said...

Poor baby girl! Glad to hear she is feeling better.

I loved the wipees case you made Rhonda. Is there any sewing involved in that? I'm going to have to place an order from you soon, especially if a friend of mine is having a girl. You are such a crafty person.

Alex and Jill said...

I hate that L had to go through all of that. :( So glad she is feeling better!

Everyone is going to MDO. Jackson just started going yesterday...he goes two days a week. Sara was worried about naptime because it wasn't at the same time as he normally takes one, but the teacher said he was the best in the class and laid down with his blanket and slept for an hour. I wouldn't worry too much...P will do great! :)

Love all of the stuff you picked! I have already started ordering stuff from the vendors I liked...that was a great giveaway!! If it ends up being a boy and you have no one to take that little sweater off your hands, I'll do it for you. HA!

Love ya!