Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Friday!!

I'm so excited today is Friday. We have had a crazy week this week and I know all 5! of us are ready for some weekend time!

We had our roof re-done this week. A couple of months ago we had a nasty hail storm that resulted in our roof being damaged (along with about every roof in our neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods). So we found a great contractor and we have a new roof. And we LOVE it!

If you have never had your roof replaced... let me tell you, it is an experience. And if you have, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

We live on a dead end street, not a cul-de-sac, but the street literally ends. We had planned ahead and parked our cars out on the street in front of the house so the roofers could have the driveway and such. They started Tuesday and it was no big deal. The girls and I didn't have anything to do that day so we stayed in and just hung out.

But Wednesday... that was a different story. We had a list of things to do so we had to get out and about. The roofers showed up around 9am and I had planned on leaving with the girls around 10am. I got them ready and we started to leave... it was a couple minutes after ten. We opened the garage door... even though there was no vehicle in there, I opened it out of habit. That is how we usually leave the house. As it was opening I watched as the entire width of the garage was boarded up, so to speak. The roofers had placed huge pieces of plywood all down the garage and on the other side of the plywood was ONE of their trailers. So we closed the door and went back inside to go out the front door.

Ok.... this is where things got "interesting". I looked at my key ring and realized that there was no house key on it. I then began searching for one. Called the hubs.... figured out what key to use (as I said, I rarely use the front door to leave the house). This whole time I'm packed up with the diaper bag on my shoulder, a 22 pound baby on my hip... holding the hand of my other baby and a KinderMat in my hand to return to WalMart while we were out. I wish I could have seen myself :)

So we head out.... across the yard.... to the car on the street. I get the girls in and sit down and turn on the car.... then it hits me. Wednesday is trash day. I haven't seen the trash guys yet. One look in the rearview mirror and things get REALLY interesting. The trash truck is backing down our street (it always does because there is nowhere for it to turn around at the end of the street). I look around. There is a truck at the very end of the street.... Our driveway is full of truck and trailer.... there is a car right behind mine.... there is another trailer across the street from my car... and now the trash truck is coming down the road.

All I could think was.... How will this work?! I had already planned my escape route... back down to the neighbor's drive and turn around in there (my car was facing the dead end of our street). I sat there as the trash truck came dangerously close to me.... I could have touched it without having to reach too far out my window. They got our trash and then headed back down the street. This took a while though, and some maneuvering by the truck driver, but it was a success. I followed them and made my turn-around. Then I got "stuck" behind them as they were stopping to get trash. The guy on the back felt sorry for me (I guess) and he asked the driver to scoot the truck over so I could get around. He did and it was very nice of him.

By this time, it was 10:30!!! I used to be the most impatient person. Seriously, it was a huge problem for me. And that impatience still creeps up on me sometimes. But the hubby and I have noticed that since we have had kids my patience is much better! I was having a good day Wednesday and instead of being furious about the situation, I just laughed and laughed. I called my sister when we actually got going and laughed with her about it. I honestly wish I had had my video camera with me because it was a sight!

Anyway, I tell you this story to say this... I am GLAD it is FRIDAY! The roofers finally finished everything this morning and we are very happy with the end result. No more loud noises during naptime and no more insanity on our street.

We have some fun things planned for the weekend and I'm excited about that. I'm still emotional about MDO so I won't say anything really about that. :) It has been a good week. Crazy, but good. And I'm looking forward to a good weekend. Hope you all have a good weekend as well!!!


Denise Hughes said...

Great story! I enjoyed reading it. The funny thing about getting a new roof is that I never noticed them until we started thinking about replacing ours. After we got our roof redone, I started noticing roofs all the time.

Denise Hughes :)

Alex and Jill said...

Have a great weekend, girl!