Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I got the camera out this morning. I just had to take pictures of my girls dressed in their pants :) I love Fall! I love putting them in pants and long sleeves and being able to bring out a different wardrobe. I love summer clothes too, but I'm always ready to retire the sleeveless dresses and shorts and bring out the jeans! I love jeans! Seriously, I wear jeans 98% of the time.

So we got up and got dressed this morning. Big Sis has school today so she got to wear her jeans and her new Little Mermaid t-shirt. And Middle Sis got to break out some yoga pants and an apple shirt (stuff that Big Sis got much use out of last fall)! So here are some pictures of my girls dressed for Fall - for the first time this year!
Excuse the messy room - we were playing with baby dolls before we got dressed!

Why does my baby look so old????

Yes, that's Little Sis's bootie! She got in the way right as the picture took.... but I love Big Sis's smile in this picture. She is so precious!

"Hey Mom - I think I look kind of cute today with my apple shirt!" Ooooh I love this baby so much!

The weather is PERFECT today! Seriously, I've been trying to think of reasons to be outside - and that is SO NOT like me. I'm an inside person.... but I just feel like it would be disgraceful to waste such beautiful weather. So we are getting the basketball goal out and taking some of our push and ride toys out.... I know two girls who are excited about this!!!

I hope you all enjoy this incredible day - maybe Fall is actually here to stay!!!!!!!
"Yay Fall!"


Alex and Jill said...

These pics are so cute!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love the pics, cant wait for them tomorrow, I canceled the meeting and rescheduled it:)