Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Very Special Day...

Let me begin by saying that I have no pictures to put up.... issues with the camera/etc. I'll figure it all out and try to get some pictures asap!

Last night the hubs and I were laying in bed and The Baby started kicking. I put hubby's hand on my belly and he felt it.... in fact, this little baby got all excited with Daddy's hand there and went to town kicking! Seriously, some of the sweetest stuff in the world!

I couldn't sleep last night... I was too excited/anxious/nervous for this morning. We had our ultrasound appointment. I used to think that ultrasounds were all fun and games... you go in, see your baby on the monitor, hear the heartbeat, all is well. Then we had our second child. During the 18 week ultrasound with her, we discovered cysts in her brain. Everything was fine but it has forever changed the way I look at routine ultrasounds. Thus, I was somewhat nervous for this morning.

We dropped off the girls at Nana's house and headed to the doctor's office. We had the first appointment which was so nice. And we went back and started the ultrasound. I laid back and revealed my belly. The way I was laying made my belly look all misshapen. You could see a definite bulge where the baby was laying... the hubby thought it was so cool! Anyway, we start the ultrasound and this baby is LOW.... I'm talking we were moving the wand way down over my c-section scar... LOW!

We saw the Teeny, Tiny Baby and it was wonderful. Quick check showed a heart rate of 157 (good!) and then we went looking for the "goods". All morning, all I could think about was how no one knew what our baby was but God... and that was about to change. I prayed for a healthy baby above all else! I will be honest, there has been a part of me that has longed to give my husband a son. I've been thinking that this may be the time he got to have a little boy.

So we anxiously watched the monitor... this baby was not cooperating very well (uh oh... I can sense a difficult child). Finally we saw it about the same time the ultrasound tech said it.... it's a


Yes.... you read it right, 3 girls for us! I get to keep thinking pink and hairbows and tutus and dresses and ruffles and I'm so excited! Hubs is excited too!!!! He loves his two girls so much and they think he is the best thing ever.... and I know this little girl will be no different! The rest of the ultrasound went well (other than a baby girl who did not want to let us get a good look at her when we tried). Momma had to move around and we jiggled her and finally got to see what we needed... all is perfect! Praise God!

Now we are ready to name her. We haven't really talked much about names because we wanted to wait to see what this baby would be. But now that we know it is a girl we are ready to get started playing the name game. I've made a list of about 40 names that I like so I'll give that to my Sweetie tonight to narrow down. Hopefully we can pick one tonight! Then I'll start planning things like nursery and the big girls' room and all that FUN stuff!

Thanks for sharing this special day with me! Love to all!


elainaann said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you. Can't wait to know the name and hear about nursery plans.

Alex and Jill said...

Well I thought your last two would be boys and boy was I wrong! I'm excited for you guys and for A to have another cousin wearing pink!! :)

Love you guys!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Girls rule for this trip:) I am excited too:) luv my girls:)

Rikki said...

I think it's funny when people have names picked out so early. I only say that because my husband is ADAMANT about not picking a name until our baby(s) are born. We didn't name either of them until they were about 10 minutes old. We had names picked out to choose from but didn't tell anyone that either. I always wanted to have names picked out so I could get monogrammed stuff, etc at showers but I just told my husband it is his fault and I will have to buy a bunch of stuff monogrammed...that's how I get away with that! =) Ha! Love the name.