Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of "School"

Alrighty... let me first say that last week our internet broke down. And it took a week to get a new router then we were gone all weekend so I'm just now getting back to business. And actually, I'm going to confess that I TOTALLY enjoyed my internet break and I am considering making it more of a regular thing. Not total internet disconnection, but much less internet usage for me. It was so nice and I felt so refreshed every day knowing that I spent zero time doing "nothing" online. However, since I've had a few requests, I will continue to get on the computer and keep in touch with you all!

So here is my story for today. My darling child started "school" today. She has spent the past week being so excited! She told everyone that she has a backpack and lunchbox and she is ready! So we got up this morning and got all ready to go. I packed a lunch for her - a totally new experience for me. I loved putting her food in her baggies and putting them in her lunchbox. It was fun and exciting for both of us! Simple pleasures :)

And then it was time to go... Daddy was home today because he had taken yesterday and today off of work to enjoy and EXTRA long weekend. So he got to enjoy this special day with us! Here she is all ready to go! We went outside to take some pictures....

Then back inside to get everything together. She didn't want to take her backpack off! Such a sweet, crazy girl! Here she is with me... I'm such a proud Mommy, can you tell?!

And with Daddy.... he loves this girl so much! They are definitely two of a kind. She does things every day so she can be like Daddy... such as eating the same cereal as him or putting her feet on the coffee table like he does. She thinks he is the greatest!

All dressed up and ready to go to school!

Can you tell by her face how excited she was? She walked right into her classroom and was perfect. When we picked her up this afternoon her teacher said she was great and even took a nap! I think it was a success, even though I missed her terribly all day!
I hope everyone else had a great day!


Alex and Jill said...

She's getting so big. Love all of the pics and love her smile!! :)

Ryan and Sarah said...

Yeah for Payters! I bet she just loved it! How many kids are in her class?

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

love ths pics nad enjoyed my lil sweetie for the day too and then dinner:) love my girls:)

Rikki said...

LOVE the pictures!! I couldn't find your blog address anywhere and I wanted to visit your blog. I hadn't added the new one to my list yet. Glad I finally found you again!!! =)