Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paintings and Cleaning Out!

Ok Mommas... I need some ideas/advice. We are in the process of making 3 little girls fit into 2 bedrooms. We are moving Big Sis and Middle Sis into the same room and will use the other bedroom as the nursery. My question is this.... I have multiple paintings with the girls' names on them. But they are all different colors and styles and one is pretty "baby-ish". So I'm wondering what you all have done or would suggest doing with these sweet paintings. There is a part of me that wants to save them for my girls... but how practical is that really? I mean, what would they do with them? So any thoughts? Ideas? Advice?

Here are the paintings I pulled out of the room today... they are all cute, right!


I made great progress in our Great House Clean Out of 2009 yesterday! I managed to knock out 2 closets, one bedroom, the living room and one bathroom! And now I have a HUGE pile of things to sell. I'm talking A LOT of clothes. I can't wait to get rid of all of this stuff.

Today I'm working on the kitchen, entry closet and hall closet. And I need to start organizing the stuff I've pulled out to sell.... the hardest part for me is trying to decide how much to sell it for. I have a few people that I plan on asking for help in that area. :)

So what do you have planned for this Tuesday? And what are your suggestions for my paintings???


Alex and Jill said...

You could re-use the canvas by having someone paint over them. They could paint two for P&L's room, so that they coordinate and the other for M's room.

Alicia said...

Well, you know... I don't have paitings of my 3 kids names, but there is a sweet lady who cross stitched their names with designs, when they were each born. They are all rather babyish... and for sure don't go with the decor of the rooms anymore... but I keep them hanging anyway.... I told them that it was a special reminder of how much they're loved and that they would always be haning in their rooms! I'm just too sentimental to take them down. : ) Love!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

hummmmmmm..............not sure, i say put them in the attic, whe you get a bigger house you nay use them somewhere again:)