Friday, July 16, 2010

Finally Friday!

What a crazy week! Right?! Was it for you all too?

I have a few pictures to share from this week so I'll put them in this post.

J and I have big plans for this weekend - Project Finish the Playroom will begin at approximately 8am tomorrow morning. We are sending the big girls to my mom's for the weekend so we will just have Mika Lynn and should be able to get SO MUCH done in the playroom. I'm hoping to finish it, but I'm being realistic too and I have no idea how things will go once we get in there.

Be looking for pictures of a super-fun playroom for three super-fun little girls!

I also gave Mika Lynn her first REAL baby food this week. We've been doing oatmeal for almost two weeks now but she got to eat some carrots yesterday. It was definitely love at first bite!
I know she is mine and all, but that is one cute baby girl! That smile warms my heart daily!

Yummy deliciousness! 

And just because I love them so much...
This is their new favorite thing - they will hug each other until they fall down and then giggle. Precious!

And my sweetie and his babiest girl...

Happy Friday Y'all!


Pediddlepie said...

Oh my goodness, she looks exactly like Jared and has YOUR smile! How precious!

Kim said...

Oh my! What a little cutie! I can't wait to see your play room! You'll have to post some pictures:) Doesn't it feel so good to do home-improvement projects like that? Lots of work but very rewarding when it's finished! :)