Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party for a Princess

My little Princess Laila turned TWO this month and we had her party Saturday. 

Barbecue Chicken or Beef Sandwiches
Cheese Dip and Chips
Birthday Cake
Homemade Ice Cream (my favorite!)
Party Punch

*Nanny brought her a Princess Cake*

I did a few decorations... not much, but enough to make our house feel special for Laila's special day. I like to do color themes for my parties and this party was pink, turquoise and brown. I also like to try to dress myself the girls to match as best I can :)

I also had a lot of help from my mom and Nanny. I love having them here!! And a BIG THANKS to my sweetie for working himself sick outside on the yard. It looks spectacular!! I did not get any pictures so you'll have to take my word for it!

I could not be prouder of my girls. I wanted a picture with the Birthday Girl but I couldn't refuse Big Sister when she asked to be in the picture. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of L looking at the camera. 

*Check out Big Sister posing.... she is such a mess!*
*And I'm sporting my fresh hair cut thanks to my dear friend Katie and her salon!*

We sang Happy Birthday and I LOVED watching Laila's face - I think she felt special and loved, at least I hope so!

Make a wish sweet girl! 

It was a great party with some of our family (we have already partied with some and there are some that couldn't make it). I love having people over to our house and I LOVE doing it for special reasons like celebrating my babies. Thanks to everyone who made this a special day for the birthday girl!


Alex and Jill said...

Alex and I were talking tonight about how sweet Laila is. Such a sweet spirit. The party and food were great!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

you did make it so special:) it was fun and the food was yummy:) hugs

Kim said...

AWWW...I just love birthday parties! (especially for babies) What a special that cake :)