Sunday, July 18, 2010

It Once Was a Garage....

And now it is a Playroom!!!!! The big girls spent the weekend with their Mimi so Mom and Dad could get down to business in the garage. We worked all day Saturday and for a few hours today and managed to get it done! We are worn out but it was worth it.

The Before...

That's a lot of stuff!

The After...

The view from the door.

Kitchen, toy rack, the piano that I may start playing again!!! I can't wait to teach the girls how to play when they get a little older. 

The TV and fridge - two must haves for the playroom :) The table by the fridge has all of my law books and stuff... ready for when I'm able to study for the Bar Exam.

The couch and Lucky the Horse. 

I'm looking forward to some fun times in our playroom. It brought us such joy and happiness to be able to give this to our girls. We feel truly blessed! Our girls love their room and were so excited to get in there and play tonight when they got home. Now it is time for some playgroups!!!!


Kim said...

I LOVE it!! What a great place for them to play! That room will get lots of use! I really like that blue color on the wall! very pretty:) Good job on getting it finished! I'm impressed:)

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I know your excited to get it doen and the girsl wil love it, so much to do, they cna play and play:)) hugs