Monday, January 10, 2011

We've had a snow day here....

When the first snowflakes started to fall yesterday, my girls went crazy with excitement. They had been praying all afternoon, asking God to please let it snow! :) Daddy had to go to work today which meant that we couldn't go play outside until he got home. I couldn't really let them play outside by themselves and I couldn't really take Mika out to play for more than a minute.... so we waited on Daddy.

I keep thinking of the time it snowed last year while the girls and I were at my dad's house. We woke up and there was snow falling. Peyton looked at me and had the sweetest look on her face and said "Thank you, Pappy, for the snow!" Oh sweet innocence.

They were so ready by the time he got home. We quickly suited up (as best we could since we don't own snow gear) and they girls headed out with their Daddy. Nana and DaddyGrand came out to play too!
For their first time with snowballs, the girls took to it pretty well! 

Peyton had a blast throwing snowballs at her Daddy. 

Laila had fun too but she is a little more timid than Peyton when it comes to new things. 

They love playing with their Daddy because he really is just a big kid himself. :)

DaddyGrand and Mika.... she came out for a minute to see what was going on.

Snowy sisters. 

I love this shot of Mika looking up at her Daddy. Precious!!

Two of my favorite people! Mika liked the snow until she sat down in it and realized how cold it was. Then she was ready to come in and cook with Mommy!

My baby and her first snow!

I told the girls this morning that when it snowed, Daddy was the one who played outside with them and Mommy stays inside and cooks! Ha! But seriously, I don't do outside too well. :) So in keeping with my snow "theory" I made homemade muffins for a snack this afternoon. And while everyone was outside playing, I cooked dinner for us all. 

Overall it was a pretty good snow day (I could have done without all the whining and disobeying, but that's just part of life these days). I hope if you had snow you were able to enjoy it however you like! 


Alex and Jill said...

Love all of the pics - I can imagine how much the girls LOVED the snow!!

I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. When my girl gets good and well...we'll have a playdate!

Love you!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Thank you for cooking for us, we had fun!