Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celebration of Life...

First, a few things....

Thank you ALL for your sweet comments on my last post. You all made me smile and warmed my heart. It is so comforting to know that I'm not alone. :)

Also, if you'll remember back to this post I told you all about the crazy diaper rash that wouldn't go away. Well, it went away. Want to know how????? Are you on the edge of your seat? Ha! It was all because of the formula. I knew it was but there wasn't much I could do because of the recalls. Once I got Mika Lynn back on her original formula her rash cleared up within 24-48 hours. Yay!!

I have some fun pictures to share from the weekend, but first I want to share about something else.

Last night I went to a Celebration of Life party for one of my sweet friends from LG. A year ago yesterday, January 17, 2010 she almost lost her life. I will not get into the details as they are not mine to share, but we were all very concerned that she would not live. When I went to see her in the hospital she looked like a shell of herself. It was heartbreaking. The doctors were not optimistic AT ALL. But her friends and family prayed for her and prayed over her and God worked a miracle in her body. I'm telling you it was a real miracle. A. Real. Miracle. Today she is physically healed and emotionally healing.

A bunch of people who love her gathered last night to surprise her with a party to celebrate her life. She was definitely surprised. Some of us shared letters we had written to her, some of us just hugged her neck - thankful that she is here with us and we get the chance to hug her. Her sweet daughter even spoke about that horrible night a year ago and shared how much she needs her Mommy and how much she loves her. Needless to say, many tears were shed, but they were ALL happy tears.

I was immensely blessed to be a part of the celebration last night. She is a wonderful person, a great friend and now has an amazing testimony to share. She even said she had a great day yesterday, despite the dark cloud that was looming as she remembered this day last year. Seeing all those people there in honor of this one woman made me realize even more how important it is to have friendships. And I'm so thankful that I'm working harder on the friendships I have. But the most important friendship we will ever have is with Jesus. (And just so you know, I'm working harder on that friendship too!) So what I wanted to share with you today is this:

  • We are never alone because Jesus is ALWAYS with us! God's love is perfect. Amen.
  • God is still working miracles - big and little!!! And finally,
  • Make sure your friends and family know you love them. You never know what may be going on inside their hearts and just maybe some words of kindness, love and encouragement from you could mean the world to them. 
Alright.... here is a sneak peek of our weekend fun:
I'll be back with more pictures from the weekend tomorrow :)
Happy Tuesday, Y'all.


Alex and Jill said...

Wonderful post about a wonderful evening!! So thankful for my LG!!

That pic of Mika is PRESH!!! Can't believe she'll be a year old. Time, please stand still.

Love you!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

loved LG:))) you ladies are all such a blessing to each other:)