Monday, August 16, 2010

Six Girls and a "Van"

We had a girl weekend last weekend.

Mom (Mimi) and Nanny came to our house Thursday evening after mom got off work and we loaded all six of us in my vehicle and headed north. We were going to Sis's for the weekend to help her get her classroom ready for Open House tonight and school to start on Thursday. My Tahoe (or "Van", as Nanny likes to call it, haha!) was loaded down. We packed all of our stuff in and left only enough room for our bodies. No lie.

After making two stops on our three hour trip, we arrived Thursday night around 9:30. We checked into our hotel and unloaded ALL OF OUR STUFF. Oh my, I packed extremely light for me and the girls and we still had a LOAD!

But it was worth it. And I actually needed all the stuff I brought. Anyway, my packing triumph is not the point of this post....

Friday morning we got up and got going. We met Whit in her classroom so we could all get to work! We started a movie for the girls and gathered some books and such for them to play with and we started in. I'll admit, her classroom was not a pretty sight Friday morning. But we got things moved around and hung on the walls and it started to come together. And once the bulletin boards were covered, it magically transformed into a real classroom!
Above the computer desk.

The cubby hole area.

The reading corner.

Beside the whiteboard at the front of the class.

Hanging on her classroom door - don't want the kids to end up in the wrong class!

The other side of the cubby area.

Doesn't the bulletin board change the whole look? This board eventually got a Fancy Nancy added to it, of course I didn't get a picture :( It was A-dorable, though. Trust me.

The bright colors make it such a fun classroom!

This is the bulletin board outside her classroom, in the hallway. It eventually got cute little people put on it. Again, I didn't get a picture. 

She and I worked all day Friday. The girls went back to the hotel after lunch with Nanny and Mimi to nap and swim (lucky babies!).

We all met back up for dinner - Marketplace!!! Oh how I love their Strawberry Stack! I enjoyed introducing my girls to it - they loved it too. :)

Saturday started early and back in the classroom for a couple of hours. We finished some things up in there then left to go eat lunch and do some shopping! We just thought we had gotten rid of so much of the things we brought with us (we brought a lot of stuff for Sis and her room).

After a quick lunch, we hit up Sam's and then the mall. Peyton needs new fall/winter clothes but the younger babies are pretty much set. I love being able to pass down their clothes. I don't feel so bad about spending so much money on them because I know they get SO MUCH use! Anywho, we were able to find some cute, cute stuff for P.

We came home with more than we left with, I believe. We came home with skinny jeans for my big girls. Ha! They are ever so adorable. Some cute tops and down vests for the big girls. New shoes for Mommy! A license plate for Daddy's new ride. A new shirt for Daddy. Pig bookends that I couldn't leave in the store :)
Seriously, how cute are they? They have a new home on our media cabinet in the living room. Right now they are holding up picture albums, but that may change when I have some time to play around with it.

And finally, we came home with one more tooth than we left with!
I realize it is hard to see, but there are now 2 teeth in that precious mouth. 

It was a great girl weekend and I can't wait until the next one (we have one planned in October if we don't get to do another one before then). We had a lot of fun and got A LOT accomplished. I'm so blessed to have my mom and Nanny. They are SO GOOD to me and my family and we wouldn't know what to do without them. And I'm so thankful I was able to help Whitney. She was overwhelmed before we got there, but we buckled down and got her room fixed up. She made it through open house tonight and is ready for school to start Thursday.

Now we are settling into a normal, slow, not-much-going-on week. I hope it is a great one, for me and for you!


Heather said...

Love those bookends!!! I am ready for some fall clothes!!! For me AND my kiddos!!! So glad you had a fun and productive weekend! Your sis' classroom looks FAB!

Alex and Jill said...

What fun!! You guys did a great job on her room and I love the paintings you created.

Amelia has very little for fall...I can't wait to start picking things up. She has been so ahead in clothes sizes, I hated to buy a lot ahead of time, but it's almost here so hopefully she won't grow too much in the next few months. :)

Love you!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I know that was a fun weekend, the room looks great:) hope it stays a easy week:) hugs

elainaann said...

I did paint them. Most of the letters I made with my inspiration. I'm not so good at painting letters. :)

I have to say the paintings you did for Whitney were my inspiration. You definitely deserve some credit.

Kim said...

You are so brave! :) Her classroom looks great! I'm ready for fall too! And fall clothes:) We are getting a TJ Maxx here in the big town of MH! Can't wait to go! :)