Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Memories

I have been meaning to record these things for some time and I've decided today is the day. Just a few things about my babies that I want to remember:

  • Laila calls Pocahontas (the movie) Ocapomas! Absolutely hilarious.
  • For some reason, the girls have decided to start calling Jared "Daddy Louis". That is his middle name and they've decided to put it after "Daddy". HA!
  • The other night, Peyton introduced Nanny to my dad (they most definitely know each other) by saying, "This is my Pappy, James." Crack. Me. Up.
  • Mika is trying so hard to imitate sounds, her little mouth is so cute as she tries to make the "M" sound and the "B" sound. Love her!
  • Mika finally rolled over (yay!) and now the big girls have to show me every day how they can roll over. They are so funny. 
Ok, so I had grand plans for this list and I find myself completely exhausted and distracted while typing this post. So rather than draw it out for another 30 minutes or an hour, I'm going to quit now. When I'm done looking for Peyton's disappearing white sandals and I get my house cleaned and I stop sweating because it is hotter than fire outside, then I will be back with some pictures and such!


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Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

glad you blogged it, becasu you will forget in 20 years:) hugs