Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy, Fun Weekend!

We decided to have a garage sale Saturday morning. So the hubby and I were up by 5 getting signs out and things ready. We had fun... the girls got to sit outside and eat their breakfast and snuggle up in warm blankets with their Daddy and Mommy. We got rid of a little of our stuff, but we still have A LOT left. Now we are trying to decide what to do with all of it.

Saturday night we had dinner out at one of my husband's favorite restaurants. He had a good week at work so we were kind of celebrating (kind of). My girls love eating there as well!

Then yesterday we woke up and decided not to go to church since my Little Doll has a bit of a cold and there is no reason to get anyone else sick. So Daddy and the girls watched movies and napped and Momma cleaned the house :)

My dad (Pappy) came to town yesterday so we got to have lunch with him.... always fun! After lunch we went to look for a new pocketknife. Pappy flew to my sister's last weekend and forgot to leave his pocketknife in his truck and the airport security took it! So now he needs a new one - unfortunately, we didn't see the one he wanted.

After that, my Crazy Girl requested a trip to Sam's - she LOVES that place! So we stopped by Sam's and ended up spending nearly and hour and a half in there. Most of the time was spent with P running around and L crying for Pappy to hold her. Those two girls love their Pappy so much - seriously, it is adorable. When he is with us he always wants to ride in the very back of our Tahoe so he can be close to the girls (who are in the middle row). Well L cried every time he got out of the car on P's side and refused to let anyone else hold her or get her out of her seat. It was hilarious to me.... they truly enjoy their time with Pappy. It just doesn't happen enough since he lives 3 hours away :(

Pappy ended up staying a few hours longer than he had planned, which was fine with us! It is hard for him to leave his girls!

We ended the weekend with a trip to Wal-Mart for some groceries. And after dinner we put L to bed and let P stay up with us for a little while.... this is something we've been doing for a few months as she is getting older. Daddy, Momma and P pile into our bed and watch tv.... usually Hannah Montana or whatever is on Disney Channel. :)

After we put P to bed, the hubby and I were talking about how different our lives would be if we didn't have kids. We joked that we'd have an amazing house, fabulous cars, season tickets to for Razorback football, go on sweet vacations and all that fun stuff. We joked about how crazy and different things would be... then we both stopped and looked at each other and at the same time said - "I wouldn't trade this for any of that." We love our life.... our evenings of Hannah Montana and Jonas episodes..... eating breakfast at 6:30am when our kids wake up..... watching TinkerBell over and over.... having very few minutes to ourselves..... sleepless nights.... all of it. We love it all and nothing we could have ever dreamed up would be as good as what we have now.

It was a great weekend from beginning to end. Hope yours was too! And I hope we all have a wonderful week ahead :)

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Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I bet you went to RED LOBSTER:))) now why would i know that:)